A Versatile Sweet & Hot Thai Sauce

This is a sauce I keep on hand and use year round. It can be used as a dipping sauce, condiment or meatball glaze (my favorite use!).

1/2 cup chopped garlic
2 tsp salt
4 cups apple cider vinegar
4 cups sugar
2 tsp hot pepper flakes per jar (recipe makes 7 half pint jars)
Start by boiling jars and lids for 10 minutes to sterilize them. Bring the cider vinegar to a boil then add the sugar and stir to dissolve it. Reduce heat to low and gently boil for 5 min. Remove from heat and stir in garlic and salt.
Spoon pepper flakes into sterilized jars and pour in liquid, leaving a half inch of headspace. It’s important not to add the pepper flakes to the cider mixture while it boils. The fumes will drive you from your kitchen. Or, in my case you and your husband from the house cause we grow our own ghost peppers and that is what we use for pepper flakes.
Bring water to a boil, lower the jars in (make sure the lids are completely covered with water) and boil for 15 minutes.
Lift carefully from the water and listen for that satisfying ‘snap’ when the lids seal.


Ooohh, so many of my friends would love this. (Too bad I’m a big ol’ baby who can’t take the heat!) Sorry to hear you got driven from your house, but the warning is hilarious. :joy:


This looks easy enough for a beginning canner, and so tasty! Thank you for the detailed instructions and warning. Using as a meatball glaze sounds yummy.

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That sealing lids sound is one of my favorite parts of canning! This looks so good!

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Ooo this sounds like a good eggroll dipping sauce! And as someone who has made her own pepper flakes and driven her family from the kitchen… yeah take the warning seriously! :laughing:

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It’s a perfect eggroll dipping sauce! I love that I can make it year round as needed. Don’t have to wait for the garden to deliver.

Drooling over here. Ghost pepper flakes - yikes. And yum!

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I am adding this to our list for our next canning day. My friend’s uncle grows his own hot peppers, and we can use some of his seeds for it. My brother loves all things hot (the hotter the better), so it’s a perfect gift for him. Thanks so much for sharing your recipe!

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