A Wee All White Lantern Version of a Friend's Cabin Home


One of my dear ones has been working really hard (and long) making her cabin into her full-time home and I wanted to commemorate that effort and the results in a miniature of her place. She already has a small “collection” of white ceramic houses, so I decided to go with all-white papers.




I used plain white cardstock for the base of the buildings and the trim, shiny photo paper for the roofs (run through a corrugater-thingie), woodgrain paper for the siding, white cloudy vellum for windows, white tissue for the base, and white poms for the edge. “White wood” beads for the feet.



I considered painting the beads, but thought they might blend in a bit better with whatever she sets this on/into the shadows if they were not painted. They are mostly just to elevate the project rather than as an aesthetic feature.


It’s not an exact replica: I used Tim HOltz-s Village Dies and while I did combine pieces and cut off parts, there were still some limitations based on available pieces for the buildings, windows, doors, frames, etc. I tired to capture the most-special details though, such as the long, narrow window on the side, the heart on the pumphouse, and that kind of thing.

The light is an LED votive candle that nestles into a form that also supports the house and keeps it in place on the base.


Addendum: Pic for scale.



This is quite fantastic! Does she live where there is a lot of snow? I have not seen such steep roofs before and was wondering if it helps to keep the snow off? Love the little details.

Thank you! And yes, she does get a lot of snow all at once a couple times per year, but it melts off between for the most part. I would say that the my roofs are a little steeper than hers IRL. :wink:

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Our roof has ridges that act like gutters because of all of the rain…it is smart to adapt a house to your environment…and the steep roof really does look cool architecturally!

Gorgeous! Amazing the time and love you poured into this thing. Bet she cries.


It’s a 1960s ski cabin, so the popular architecture of the time worked in their favor, as well. I think a lot of building codes are climate and weather related. Roof slope minimums, ventilation, insulation, etc. When it comes time to replace our roof, we hope to go with metal - hers is corrugated steel - for longevity as well as wildfire reasons.

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Awww, thank you! I was lucky to be able to visit her in Sept and surreptitiously snapped shots of all sides of the house. I’m pretty sure she’s going to feel the love that went into it!


Wow, that’s wonderful - all the details - the textures, windows and pom-poms edge! Love it - I could live there!


Love all the textures.

Thanks, everyone!

I added this pic to better show scale. And how dry my skin is right now!



This is just the coolest!! The personalized details are just so, so cool. Then I saw the scale pic and I think my mind literally exploded, lol. Just an epic little house that’s sure to be loved!

Thank you so much!

Very cool! Clean, nice form and I love that it lights up too!

When I was in college, there was an architectural art class where all they did was make cardstock buildings; I still kind of regret not enrolling in that one…

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This is so sweet and very cool. I love that you went with the all-white look. It does have the look of ceramic, especially with the light on.
They will adore this. It’s so special and heartfelt.

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It’s so wee! The details are incredible.

Thanks so much, everyone! I am nervous to box it up and ship it, but excited to send it to its new home!

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:sparkles: :scissors: :candle: Congratulations! Your Wee White Lantern Cabin is a Featured Project this week! :candle: :scissors: :sparkles:

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This is so dear :white_heart:
I like everything so snowy white, then golden warm all lit up in the darkness :yellow_heart:

THANKS, y’all!