A well-organized craft room

My craft room was a disaster. It was spilling out into the loft. Things were everywhere. Not everything had homes. I had duplicates because I couldn’t find the original or I forgot that I already owned one. It was chaos and emotionally making me ill, which eventually made me avoid the room altogether. As such, the dining room table was taken over with crafts. Then the side tables. Then the coffee table. My house was madness and everyone was feeling the effects.
I worked with a absolute gem of an organizer, Jill from S.O.S., to whip my craft room(s) into shape.
I was beside myself with anxiety the day she came over to do the initial walk-through. I thought I would be judged for my messiness, for my random collections of items, for my lack of simple household maintenance. This craft space is entirely mine. I don’t share it with anyone else. It is a reflection of me. I explained how my mental health disorders may make this a difficult process for me. She was incredibly understanding, radiated positivity, and explained clearly the steps we were going to take together. I could stop any time I feel like it. Each item would be given care and thought. Each floor sequin, each bag of cat whiskers, none of it would be tossed without my attention.
My apprehensiveness left me. I felt ready.
The process was methodical. It became a zen-like experience going through my crafts, collections, and other random items. We laughed together. We shared. We bonded.
At the end of each session, we celebrated with high fives and hugs.
I feel both sad that I won’t be seeing Jill again until my next project (storage room? garage? my ridiculous collection of vintage and reproduction Halloween decorations?) and thrilled that I have a clean, well-organized room in which to make magic.

These photos do not show the stuff in the loft or the rest of the house that was gathered and sorted.

Before and after pics!




I was unable to implement the design I wanted for the closet because my cat needed all his teeth extracted. Probably next year.

I like the way that she organized my diecuts and embossing folders! They were previously all in a drawer.

Here’s another angle of my main desk area.

My Halloween drawers no longer have stuff hanging out of them. I have separate bins for larger 3D elements, fabric, and paper. Add my three or four bins of rubber and cling stamps that I already had and it’s a lot of Halloween, but it’s been meticulously combed through. :ghost:

My last project for the room is purchasing frames and hanging up artwork!


Congratulations! The being able and excited to look for frames to hang your art is the most tell-tale sign to me that the space is working for you and bringing you happiness-comfort. I love this for you!


What a beautiful space to create in!

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Thanks for sharing this experience. I see so many good ideas that would help you find things you need to craft with efficiency and joy!

It looks like it was worth going through!


Your craft room looks wonderful!

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The room looks wonderful!

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The room looks wonderful! I’m glad you found such a wonderful person to work with. I can imagine why you avoided the room previously but it really sparks joy now. It’s so big and light.


This room looks amazing!!! I’m so excited for you to have this beautiful space in which to create!

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It’s so wonderful that the process was so comfortable and supportive, as well as so successful!

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Well done you, I can only imagine how much apprehension you had at the start, but the end result was totally worth it. It looks amazing. I can’t wait to see the great things you will produce from such a great space


@AntBee Thank you so much! Yes, it’s a little bare on the walls now, I just need to purchase a few more frames. I was thinking about getting all kinds of different frames, but I think it would be too busy for me. Almost all will be white, just not exactly the same.

@tendstowardschaos It’s also great just to hang out in as well!

@AIMR Yes, it was definitely worth going through every little thing. What’s great is that when I needed more iris cases and photo boxes, Michaels was having a bonkers sale on those items. I saved quite a bit of money. The clear boxes came from The Container Store. They’re supposed to be used for shoes and sweaters, but they’re great for fabric and UV Resin, etc.

@jellybean Thank you! It makes me brain feel more at peace than before definitely.

@Tapestry Thank you! The yellow on the one wall was actually the color of my kitchen in my old house. I missed the color of the kitchen, so I painted this (poorly) as an accent wall.

@Immaculata I’m not sure if you can tell in the “before” photos, but I had a little path that went from the door to the main desk. I cleared it a bit more for my organizer. I really couldn’t let anyone in here because they didn’t know where to step like how I did. Eventually it just became too much. My working surface was maybe 8x8 inches.

@Bunny1kenobi I’m very excited about it as well. I’m pleased to have craft items that were in several different reusable bags now are all in one bin. For example, I had some cross stitch patterns in one bag while some were in another and some Q-Snaps (square hoops) were with them, but then I had a big one that was in another spot. Jill thought about it and found a bin that perfectly fits everything. She suggested I put all of my patterns into plastic sheets to put in a binder. So simple, right? I didn’t think of doing it before.

@TheMistressT Jill was just awesome. She even reminded me to drink water and have a snack! She explained at the end of each session where some items were going so they didn’t go back in the craft room yet, but when the whole process was over they would absolutely fit in the space.

@Edel It took me a bit to realize that when I had a different organizer for my bedroom I wasn’t as invested in it because it was a shared space with my husband. My craft room is my personality in real life. I was sharing myself with a stranger. I would laugh nervously when she uncovered more toys because what 40 yo lady has this amount of children’s playthings she won’t let any child play with? Why do I get joy from a plastic chicken nugget from the 1980s as well as a purple ceramic dog when I clearly love cats? I’m self-conscious still about my weirdness that I can’t articulately explain. An oversized painted piggy bank? A mushroom stuffie with butt cheeks? I dunno, but I like them.


Congratulations on a huge project done! It looks great, and I bet you’ll have an amazing time crafting in it now.


Thank you! I think it was five four-hour sessions altogether. We could have extended the time spent each session but by the end of that four hours I was mentally exhausted.


What an amazing transformation Carissa! I can almost feel your lightness having this project completed. I’m so glad the experience with your organizer was positive. Enjoy your new space!!


Thank you so much!


Cats come first, but it looks aamazing! Congrats on such an accomplishment!

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Yes, the furbaby needed his teeth out. Now I have two toothless cats!

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Such a comfy creative space, I love it

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I love it as well! I think I’m going to get a clear chair from Ikea for the other desk. It’ll still make the room nice because you’ll be able to see through it.


:tada: Congrats! This fantastic project is featured this week! :tada: