A Whole Mess of Scrapkins

If I had my druthers, I’d be making us cloth napkins all the dang time. Soooo, several years ago, I cut myself off from purchasing fabric for napkins and let us get by with our hoard of existing cloth napkins. Ahem. Well, a lot of them were finally were just too worn to feel good about setting the table with, especially for guests. YEY! So I set about trying really hard to make a bunch of unmatching, double-sided napkins to burn through some stash, use favorite prints, etc.


I managed nine totally non-matching individual napkins… and a few matched pairs before I realized I should stop cutting.

Then I had kind of a foursome that I squirrelled away in the Halloween decorations to bring out in October.

For a total of 19 “scrapkins”! I think I like reserving “Scrap Naps” for the sets with (mostly) one side in common. I kind of like that the total was an odd number, too. It’s scrappier that way!

They’re all about 8.75" square, which is a little smaller than I truly like, but… I have a 9.5" square acrylic ruler that makes it super fast and easy to cut a lot of these quickly. And it means I could use smaller remnants from projects - particularly what is left from cutting boxer shorts for TheMisterT, of which I make A LOT.


These are fun! I love the cat ones.

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Thank you! I love that cat print, too! I used the blue for pillowcases and then picked up the orange on clearance for boxers several months later. It’s going to be fun to have special Halloween-y napkins for the season.


They’re so cute! I think my favorite is the strawberries. Go figure!

Wonderful! Love those cats, and the musical instruments are also so cool.

Nuthin’ like matchin’ your napkins to your undies, now THAT’S coordination! Lol

great fabric choices and fun project!


Love the purple giraffes the best! Such an awesome project!

Thanks, everyone! All those napkins and I think I would have to weigh my stash to notice a difference. Sigh.

Fantastic, love the whole thing.
A measure of stash is how much cool sh!t you get out of it, right? You’re doing fine. These are cool!

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Such fun prints! Is it quilting cotton? I think I’ve always had in my head that cloth napkins needed to be linen or some kind of particularly absorbent cotton? (Definitely doubting it as I type it, but I must have gotten the idea from somewhere…)

You have inspired me to use stash for placemats & napkins!

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Thanks, everyone!

@fishstix43 You know, I think I had the idea that they had to be the heavier cotton of a restaurant cloth napkin, too, until I didn’t. But yes, these are quilting cotton as are many of the other napkins I have made over the year and we’ve never had an issue with absorbency. I do imagine that they get a little more so after a few washes. I will add that I’ve always used them in adult-only households, so maybe with younger kids they would be less suitable?


The patterns are fab and all the different fabrics! Love, love, love!

I love your idea that not everything has to match exactly!

A colorful basket of these for guests would be fun…and the Halloween themed ones are perfect for spooky dinners…

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Thanks, everyone!

@AIMR As I age, I am realizing the truth of having only one life and I like too many things to commit to just one print for napkins! I mean, I’m not all willy nilly on big things, like our sectional, but I am putting whatever throw pillow strikes my fancy on it!


Bravo. Your talent for matching fabric is brilliant.