Scrap Naps! Mis-matched Sets of Reversible Cloth Napkins

When I heard of the upcoming Craft Stars Garage Sale Round 2 I knew I wanted to dig deep into my stash to create Round 2 of the Scrap Naps I made years ago.


I have made four sets including the one above, Stripes of All Stripes, which is 6 napkins with a bunch of striped fabrics - 3 leaning towardss warm colors, 3 leaning towards cool with coordinating striped “backs”.

They measure approx. 8.5" square and are made of pre-washed & dried quilting cottons.

Another set of 6: Fleur dot Lis. All 6 have have the green/pink/red/brown fleur de lis on one side, with 2 each of pink-, red-, brown and white dots on the other.

Then there are two sets of four!

First: Dino Dots with cute dinos on one side and a mix of polka dotted prints in coordinating colors on the other.

Second: Wait, What? A semi-psychodelic tie-dye in rainbow colors on one side and a mix of prints in coordinating colors on the back: from a spring-y check to a gallery of roller skate.

Each set comes with a hang tag description which makes them great for gifting! It’s never to early for holiday gift buying, but these would be great for someone getting their first apartment or a new (to them) house!

Because each is different, you’ll never know what you’re going to get. They’re the most fun you can have wiping your mouth!

Craft Stars Garage Sale on eBay



Fun! You know my house would love those cute dinos!

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How fun are these? Super fun! (I’m eyeballing that last set…)

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Woo, splendiferous! I love them all so much!

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I love how utterly cheerful these are!

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Thanks, everyone! I hope each set finds a happy home!

Wow! Loving them all and coveting the stripes.

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Any or all of these sets would match my Fiesta Ware! I’ll have to be an early bird to the Garage Sale.


I’m sure each set will find a home! These are all great.

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Thanks, everyone!

I’m certainly coveting a set…great concept perfectly executed!

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Awwww, you! Thanks!

Very cool! I love all of them but my particular faves are the stripes and polka dots.

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Thank you! Such a fun project to make.