A Year In Candy Corn Embellishments - 2024

I just can’t resist the cuteness of a candy corn or so it seems; I have two die sets that include them and when I see a new seasonal colorway of them at the store, I am enamored. Now that I have made Valentine and Easter versions, I think I’m committing to making all the versions I see through out the year and adding to this topic. Of course, I will have to buy them to use as reference materials, too. Ahem.

  1. February/Valentine’s

I ended up using some of them on tags for plates of treats for neighbors.


  1. March/Easter
    I haven’t used them for anything yet, if I do I will add a picture.
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    Two different Tim Holtz die sets. I haven’t (always) used all the pieces, making them a little simpler aesthetically, as well as easier to assemble.




Ack! Cute candy corns! I don’t love eating them but dang, are they adorable!


I love the pastel candy corn!

Thanks, everyone! I hope that the seasonal candy corns keep coming!


Very cute!

Very cute!

The chocolate ones are in “season” all the time…just saying…

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Nice! I’ve never seen the Easter candy corn. Those would work great in an Easter celebration favor! ❤️

So fun! I loved them in your Valentine tags. Looking forward to more! (A candy corn Xmas tree maybe? :thinking:)

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Thanks, friends!

@AIMR If I spot some in the wild, I will pick some up (for reference) and make some paper ones!

@PaperCutPlace I hadn’t seen these before, either.

@Abbeeroad I’m very curious if there will be red, white, blue ones for Independence Day - something I’ve not seen, but I sure wasn’t expecting these pastel ones, either.

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These are super cute.

I was curious about the different colors.
Well they also come in some crazy flavors!

normal candy corn isn’t my favorite but they are decent mixed with peanuts.

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Thank you!

And EEP! I hope the store I have been finding the others at gets these! For some reason, it feels like “cheating” to use ones that weren’t found “in the wild”. That said, it’s my game, so I can change the “rules” anytime I want! :rofl:


The smores are delicious! A few hits the spot…and yes, delicious with peanuts!

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Thanks, y’all!