Valentine Tags

I’m planning to make some Valentine treats to plate up and give to a couple of neighbors, so I just had to make tags!

I had made the Valentine colored candy corn a few weeks ago after seeing some sale at the grocery store. So cute! So I picked up a few to sprinkle around the plate of treats so I could use them on tags and it would make sense. :grinning:



I made another tag and a little gift card. I am giving a plate of treats to our local Post Office which has been short handed for over a year and working their b*tts off. And I picked up a little heart-shaped box of chocolates for our letter carrier - our mailbox is a mile from the house in a cluster box and so I have not met them, so it seemed like a sealed box of storebought treats would be a safer option.



Pink candy corn sounds good to me! (I realize my opinion is maybe controversial.) Cute, cute tags!

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:rofl: I am one of the few who do enjoy a standard candy corn, these are kind of “strawberry” “flavored” and… well, cuter than they are tasty, IMO. :thinking:


Awww, that’s such a good idea for your mail carrier! This year at xmas I left them some chocolates in my mailbox and also for the mail carrier that came to my house to pick up some boxes that I was too lazy to take to the PO and stand in a long line.


Awww, these are super cute!

Thanks, friends!

These are just darling! I love them.

Aw, thanks!

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These are so cute, and so you!

When I read this, I thought, “Well, yeah!” Like it’s a given that you would make tags.


Haha! I mean they aren’t going to make themselves, right?


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