Afternoon tea

Today I took a mad notion to do afternoon tea for the three of us. There is an important rugby match on. Ireland v Scotland, so it’s being scoffed while my daughter shouts at the TV :grin:

Sandwiches: cucumber and cream cheese on white
Turkey and cranberry on white.
Egg, tomato and spring onion on multigrain.

Scones: fresh raspberry and flaked almonds, with whipped cream and blackberry jam.

The cake is Chocolate, marmalade and hazelenut

I only made one cake, didn’t want to go mad. :grin:

And Irish blend tea in these darling little China cups from the thrift shop

I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday. Ireland just needs to win this game!

Edit: Ireland won :tada::tada::tada:


So civilized. :tophat:

I love it. How cozy and full of love. Enjoy!


So deliciously civilized. I want to taste all the snax!


Looks so yummy! Rah rah! I’ll have the turkey and cranberry, please. And some cake, of course. It’s an impressive spread.

Reminds me of the tea party my sister hosted for my young (maybe 8 years old?) niece’s birthday many years ago. All the little girls loved eating off of real (thrift shop) china, and having my BIL as their server.


Erin go bragh!

It all looks delicious!


You have taught your daughter well. :joy:

Being very English, this was not a good rugby weekend for me :frowning:

However, I watched the local team kick some butt today Bristol vs Harlequins. Very good first half, Quins were unlucky with the scoreline, but then they didn’t really turn up for most of the second half.


No it wasn’t a good result for you guys.

But I have to say, I hope we win next weekend :grin: it will mean the grand slam for us. My daughter is going to be in Dublin for her atmosphere, unfortunately she couldn’t get a ticket for the match.

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Ireland totally deserve it this year. They have been fierce and consistent.



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But sorry, I’m not supporting your team​:rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Well it’s either us or France :joy::joy:

I mean obvs you can’t not support England, but still :wink:


Well, this looks delicious! I would surely have gobbled Mollie’s portion while she was distracted by sportsball. CONGRATS to Ireland on their win!


Lovely! I used to use any feasible excuse to have a sit down morning or afternoon tea!
Gratz on the win too.

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Oh my gosh that scone!!! What rugby? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It’s the six Nations tournament, Ireland, England Scotland Wales France and Italy. You can win the championship on points, or win all your matches (less common, this is a grand slam) there’s also the triple crown which is kinda a sub category of the tournament just between Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales.

Ireland has to play England next weekend-for our last game, so far we’ve won all our matches, so if we beat England we will get the triple crown and the grand slam and likely the championship. And it all affects rankings for the rugby world cup.

It’s remarkable really, we have a population of only 5 million and rugby is the third most popular game here. In other words if you play hurling or Gaelic football, you don’t play rugby, so we’re drawing from a small pool. We just have a great team this year. But you can never predict the outcome so all fingers crossed for our final game (sorry @Renstar :wink:)


Haha…I meant more, who could pay attention to rugby with this spread in front of them?!

But good luck in the final game! :crossed_fingers:



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It’s totally Ireland’s for the taking!!!

And definitely my preference over France winning anything especially after that hammering.

I’m hoping that England’s humiliation will gee them up and we’ll see a least a contest!
Had a work meeting with one of our Dublin colleagues and someone asked if he was into rugby, I had to sulk for a few minutes during that conversation!!!

In 2003, I went to the game in Dublin, the atmosphere was so amazing, I loved it and everyone was so friendly.


Ha! Well at least I got to display my (limited) knowledge.

@Renstar I’m really glad to hear you had a good time, but rugby crowds are always decent and welcoming.


Indeed they are. I went to see Bristol Bears vs Harlequins yesterday.

Thee was a group of students in the row in front, 1 was a quins fans. We were surrounded by families with young (<10 y.o) kids who were all Bristol fans, she was properly heckled by the kids, and loving it!!!

A great atmosphere

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