Alice In Wonderland-ish Teacup Box Card

A far away friend is celebrating her 50th with an Alice in Wonderland-themed party for which I made her this Mad Hatter decoration/gift box. I decided to put the card in the box (in a topsy turvy Wonderlandy way) and thought this teacup file I had would work perfectly!


It comes with a teabag tag for a sentiment, but I wrote “Drink me…” on the front. The elipses are to indicate that she should look at the back which makes a non-Alice joke:


There’s also a panel on the back for sentiments and signing.


And here’s the obligatory flattening-into-the-envelope shot!

I thought this hedgehogs in cupcakes print had a great Alice vibe and was so tickled to find it in my stash!


Super cute! Let’s pretend the adorable cake hedgie is the doormouse’s cousin, lol

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So cute!

Adorable! The colors have a fun spring feel too.

Thanks, friends!

So cute and thematic. Adorable!