All-purpose Masks for Home & Neighbor

I had saved this pattern* last summer when I realized that I was DONE tossing out dust masks worn when woodworking and other dusty things or during pine pollen season.

Well, making some suddenly came to the top of the list for some reason. :thinking: I decided to make a few for TheMisterT as well. One more appropriate for public wearing than the other. I was able to use all stash, including some favorties of which I’d kept almost uselessly small scraps.

I thought that while I was at it, I’d offer a couple to our older, non-sewist neighbors. One “plain” and one “peanut.” You can (almost) see the 2 different sizes in this shot.


They are lined with a “pocket” for adding a filter if desired.

As of now, the elastics are not tied to fit the end user, so I left the knots out, but they can go inside the casing for added comfort as with my trial version.


“Quarantine” hair, don’t care!

Obviously these are not sterile. Nor are they 100% protection against anything, including microscopic pathogens.

*It took me many hours to make just 9 of these, so not suitable for mass producing for donation unless you could get a group together to assembly line produce them… which is not really an option these days.


Great job and way to help out those older neighbors.


Love them! Stylish and socially responsible! Haha


These are great. I really love some of the fabric choices.

But… I can’t be the only one who has to know the story behind the wall of framed toothpaste tubes!


Thanks y’all!

Soooooo, I collect foreign toothpaste. :tooth: (that old story) There’s a bit about that already in this thread about some thank you notes I made for people who send me tubes!


I went to spotlight yesterday in my last trip ( I think I remembered everything) and got some heavy interfacing. I will test out it’s breathability after I wash it and if it’s ok I will sew in a third layer as a filter.


I love the fabric you chose! Especially the “poison” one. I have this pattern too. I might have to try it out for family members if things for worse here. I heard if you fold over a paper towel inside as the filter it can get you to n90 for the protection level. I am not sure how true that is, but that said if you have two layers of fabric, which these do, then the two layers of paper towel inside that’s what the level would be.


Thanks and I’d love to see the fabrics y’all choose!

@gozer That poison one is one of my faves! I had a much larger stack of fabrics selected, but after cutting out these (+ one more that I cut the wrong size lining for) and all the lining, I realized that I had plenty as is.


These are so cool! I love the variety of fabrics.

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These look awesome! I especially like the flying squirrel fabric, and who wouldn’t feel protected with Mr. Spock plastered on their face?

And thanks for the pattern! I’ve started making some simple all-purpose ones for our local hospital’s donation request, but I also wanted to find something to make for my friends who are still doing dash delivery.