All the batik coasters

Today I spent the day sewing a set of coasters using every single batik print I’ve currently got. I like batik so much, this is a great way to see all of the colours & patterns often. They are quilt-as-you-go on thick felt which is quite flat & stiff, great for holding a drink without tipping.

Made a little holder for them to sit in.

ETA divided them into 2 sets for gifts.
Here are both sides.


Oohh very clever. Your holder is perfect.

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such pretty coasters!!

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Those are some gorgeous batiks, beautiful coasters, and a very cleverly-designed holder. Well done!

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I love batiks too, what a fun way to enjoy them every day. That box is perfect.

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I love your coasters! And the box is such a great idea! Thank you for showing how you did the box, I’ve got an unwieldy set of coasters I made and I might need to borrow your idea.

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Such a pretty set and that holder is just the thing! If this were mine I’d be trying to find my most recent favorite to use.

These are so cool! Love love love the little box!

P.s. i use my coasters alllll the time :two_hearts:

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I love the box holder!

Batiks are so beautiful. You showed them off well. I love the idea of the holder too!

:herb: Oh my giggles! Your lovely craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! Congratulations! :tulip: