Scrappy batik coasters

After a day of making coasters there was a pile of lovely scraps that looked so yummy I made a few more and they turned out to be my favourite!

This makes 3 sets of 6, 2 boxes, and a scrappy set of 8 for meeee! :yellow_heart::blue_heart::orange_heart: love :green_heart::purple_heart::sparkling_heart:


Beautiful batiks and great coasters!


Ooh!! So much gorgeous fabric in one place!!! I love the fact that each coaster has a little square of β€œfocus fabric” in the middle! The boxes turned out so cute too. Great scrapbuster project!

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They are gorgeous!
And they have such happy colors and patterns.

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They are so cheerful!

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In. Love. :heart_eyes:

Love that extra scrappy set. The colors are so pretty.

Beautiful! I love the scrappy-yet-unified feel of them. :heart:

These are by far my fav!