All the Strengths: A Wee Galen-zine

For the recent Galentine’s swap, I made a little Leslie Knope-inspired zine to send my partners.

The base is a book page. I used Poscas for the writing and Stabilo woodys for the cover decoration. I wanted a rainbow effect, but the yellow didn’t really show up, so this is a RO G. BIV. Thanks for looking, and happy early Galentine’s Day!


Cute and fun!

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RO G. BIV! Haha! This is so colorful and fun. It was a genius idea to do a zine as your Galentine extra.

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Ro is Roy’s sister…or brother



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This is such a cool idea! It looks so cheerful and vibrant, really makes me smile :smile:

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So wee! I got mine in the mail last night and love the little pocket size.
Long live Rog Biv. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, everyone!