Another rainbow hooded-scarf

I wanted to improve upon my design so I made another scoodie with an extra long scarf. I love my parrots and toucans.

Funny story: After taking these pics (I was walking a dog client named Sully) I went into the woods and (true to my usual idiotic escapades) I climbed up this fallen-over tree hill and Sully was smelling the hole and then on my way down the little hill (after I took the pic of him in the hole underneath me) I fell (didnt get hurt). Sully decided he wanted to STAY in the hole, and I had to really pull him to get him out… then on the way back to his house, I realize I must have lost his poop bag dispenser when I fell. THEN Sully decides to poop! And I don’t have any poop bags. :roll_eyes: I had a small baggy with his treats in it so I poured the gross meat treats in my pocket and picked up his LARGE amount of poop with this tiny bag… gross. I managed to not get any on my hands… then I had to tell his mom the whole embarrassing thing… lmfao. Oh, also, this reflector clip fell off his leash and broke so I had to tell her about that too. :woman_facepalming:

Thanks for looking and thanks for listening to my story. That isn’t even that unusual for me… lmao. I need to stop climbing things…


This is Sully, btw. He’s a big boy. I figured maybe you’d want to see more than just his butt.


What a fun hooded scarf! How can you not be happy wearing that. I bet everyone who saw it smiled.

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Thanks! Thats what I hope for! I just want to brighten things up; for myself and others. :grin:

Fun and bright!
Make me smile just looking at the picture!

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Thank you!!

That’s a cool (warm?) hood-scarf, such fun colors!
Don’t stop climbing things, what’s the fun in that? Just work on your balance, maybe :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

OK I love this! Creative use of such color fabric

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Thanks! Lol its a little mismatched but I like it that way.

That is one wonderfully happy hooded scarf! I love the mix of colors and materials…and…so sorry about your escapade, but it made me laugh…

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Thanks! Lol I thought someone would find it as funny. :slight_smile: :laughing:

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I do boneheaded things all the time so we’re good company!
The scoodie is so cute!

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Lol always good to meet a fellow bonehead!

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