The Rainbow Connection Round-up! March 2024

Rainbows! Why are there so many crafts about them? :frog: :banjo: Well, they’re an actual thing that exists in the world… kind of, but they’re also a colorway. I even have a friend whose “favorite color is rainbow” and she defends that statement before you even raise an eyebrow! Makers are constantly inspired by them and will recreate their colors - as the classic rainbow arch across the sky or as the visible light spectrum manifested across a surface in any medium. Here we have just a smattering of the beautiful rainbow projects made by our members.

A rainbow can be the main theme.

Scrappy Rainbow Clothesline Necklace by @Abbeeroad

Rainbow Love Door Hanger by @irid3sc3nt

There Is Hope - Rainbow Window Display by @bethntim

Rainbows can be the embellishment or custom detail.

Puking rainbow cat scaft by @ilovesnaills

Crocheted Rainbow Hooded Sweater by @tendstowardschaos

Perhaps most popular, rainbows can be the colorway.

Facets Rainbow Cowl by @AIMR

Rainbow Assemblage by @geekgirl

Poker bowl of rainbow goodness by @marionberries

Ridged heddle rainbow wrap by @HelenR-H

Rainbows can be the final touch or the supplemental detail.

10 Hanging storage baskets by @Magpie

Skull rainbow shorts by @Loop-da-Loop

Another rainbow hooded scarf by @RagingSloth

Rainbow crafts do not stop with colored arches across the sky or stripes and ombre across our projects.

Creators also love abstractions of refractions!

Wire Rainbow Earrings by @Lothruin

Halloween Rope Rainbow by @audity

Rainbows are so tied to crafters’ worlds that the theme of Craft Stars Garage Sale Round 2 is :sunny: :rainbow: :heart: Sunshine & Rainbows: April 6 - May 6 (or longer) :heart: :rainbow: :sunny:

Where you’ll find all manner of delightful crafts donated by our talented members and Mods, rainbow themed and otherwise. There will be buy-it-now items as well as auctions, including this gorgeous quilt and pillow set by @MistressJennie !


Great roundup!


Yes!! Rainbows are endlessly inspiring. :rainbow:


I really love this.

Great roundup! These are always fun to see. Wow, my project is in there! No one look at how I actually messed up ROYGBIV. :see_no_evil:


Wordplay is fun! Creative folks can arrange their roys and bivs around any g they want!


:laughing: :smiling_face: I’m a big fan of alliteration myself.


Great variety of rainbow goodness!


Beautiful collection!