Any ideas for fixing ugly cabinets?

We just bought this house and I really hate the colors in the kitchen. I was thinking about painting the cabinets… does anyone have any ideas on colors that would go with the black counter tops? We live in the temperate rain forest so it’s grey and raining a LOT. I really want to keep the inside of our house as light and cheerful as possible…


That’s an interesting color scheme to say the least - there is a lot going on with the addition of the brown wallpaper! I personally love the turquoise of the one wall and would lighten the cabinet faces to a medium/light gray color. The wood grain is tough though - I’d probably go with white to lighten it up or just make it the same gray as the cabinet faces. Please show us when it is all done!

I am going to be zero help at all because I LOVE that colour scheme! Oh my gosh, it is amazing. I personally would work with it as much as possible but totally understand if it’s not your thing. I hope you figure it out to your satisfaction. I’m looking forward to your progress pics anyhow!


I love how much counter space you have here, you could bake a million cookies, lol! I’ve always been fond of light & bright kitchens myself, and the wall color you have is quite pretty, perhaps if you painted the cabinets, doors and drawers a warm white that would be enough? White, black and that light blue are a nice combination. :slightly_smiling_face:


Is it more the red color that is bothering you or the wood grain? Or just both not matching?

I would personally paint the wood a light grey or off white and keep the red, but that won’t help the other two much

I have a laminate countertop in similar colors (black and dark gray). We painted our lower cabinets dark gray and the uppers a very light gray. The walls are a very light turquoise… almost a robin’s egg blue.

I know you mentioned it’s fairly gray outside, but I think gray can still work inside without being dreary. My kitchen is quite small, but the wall color really pops and makes the room feel happy. The lighter upper cabinets also help keep the space from feeling dark or heavy. It might work for your space too.

Medium gray tones on cabinet. Light gray paint on the wall. Gray-black-white hues in a glass tile backsplash.

I love that orange though for me personally–let’s just swap kitchens :laughing: it would match my Rachael Ray cookware!

If the floor hadn’t had that reddish tone it would be an amazing kitchen color. To not end up in the same situation just with another color I would avoid colors in reddish tones (and I’d avoid darker greens too, but this is a personal preference) and go for cold colors in stead. Grays and dark blues are in and generally really good ones for toning down the red tones.

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I’m going to agree with @Magpie because I kind of like the colors a lot!
I guess they do seem a bit dark, but lighter colors will show dirt/grease a lot more/sooner…
I’m also a fan of peachy or yellow colors.

(Let me know if you need help painting, :smile:)

I was actually debating a very light yellow…
The photos are from the real estate listing so they show the absolute best lighting etc. I’ve seen red and turquoise work well… but something about this red just doesn’t quite work. It’s a bit off.

The previous owners apparently liked dark, they even covered the skylights and some of the windows. So I’ve been doing everything I can to bring more light in.

I never even considered grey because there’s so much of that outside in the winter :roll_eyes: but now that several people mentioned it, I can see a light grey working well too. Hmm…


Maybe you could test some colors on the small cabinet doors? (I’m thinking the small ones over the open shelf area). If you tested some colors there, it seems like you’d be able to step back and get a good view of them with a new color in the context of the whole room, plus if you end up not liking the changes you could always decorate those doors with maybe some patterned paper/vinyl and cover up all your color tests.

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I noticed the white baseboard trim, and how that looks with the red/orange fronts. Do you like that orange color? It may make it pop and brighten it if you did either a whitewash or solid white on all the wood(brown). I like the color scheme aside from the brown. It makes me think of fiestaware. I just redid my kitchen and chairs to reflect multiple bright colors. Just changing my cabinets to white made a huge difference!

Hi your kitchen is beautiful Have you thought of a sag off butter or yellow to bring in the sun???

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Is it possible to remove the paint? You could then pick a different stain color for all wood. I would suggest white/off white/ dove grey for wall. Paint outlet covers to match. Have you considered hanging a patterned small curtain in the empty cubbies? If you find a pattern you fall in love with -pull the colors from that fabric.

Definitely! I’d love to use a very light yellow, it’s such a cheerful color. I’m just having trouble figuring out how to incorporate it

I absolutely LOVE the color of the cabinets! They’re like Frank Lloyd Wright’s Cherokee Red. I would kill the wallpaper in the dining area, and maybe paint the backsplashes/wall in the kitchen something else. I would look to FLW for inspiration for color stories, actually!

How about the yellow for the kitchen wall? Maybe the dining area, too?

I’d probably go with straight white. Those cabinets seem like they’ll be pretty limiting because they’ve got a very distinctive modern style an not a lot of accessories that you could use to influence the look toward a particular other style. Alternately the grey might look nice, something like this.

It really depends on your style and what you’re going for - are you a fan of modern? French country? Etc. Then you can try to add hardware or do other things as well to change up the look.

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I would go with navy on the cabinets and grey on the wall. Just my personal preference, but can’t wait to see what you decide.

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I like the colors too, but I get that pictures might not tell the whole story. Maybe paint the cabinets a nice leaf-green or royal blue and the walls a crisp white like the trim? Bring the rainforest in? ¯_(ツ)_/¯