Anyone interested in doing a Secret Santa swap this year?

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing a Secret Santa swap this year.

I had a lot of fun last year and liked that you can choose what to make and work at your own pace. I also understand if it seems like too much work this year. I hope everyone is doing well.


Would depend on size/ship date for me but sounds fun

I haven’t talked to @calluna about it (since it’s technically her swap) but was kind of thinking of trying to run one in late winter after the postal slow-downs clear up some.

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I know I cannot swing it this year, but I’m happy to chime in with history and best practices if desired. :blush:

It’s a “1 medium per package” thing where you claim like OWS, but with all the lists going concurrently. (so, ship date is 2 wks from the official claim)

Ohhhh yeah I’d probably be out then, I just don’t get the calming swap thingies

This one is a bit different, no rules really. You just read people’s wishlists & decide if there’s anything you’d like to make them, then you secretly get their address from the organizer & mail them a present. It’s fabulous, I love it.
I may be too busy this round but we’ll see…


I might be in if it were done late winter.

I will be super busy - as always - on Winter time, but who cares?! I am in! This is my favorite swap, do not leave me out! :slight_smile:

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It could become the Covert Cupid Swap, or Secret St. Patty. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Or just the Benevolent Mayhem Swap of 2022. By then I will have more clarity on my situation, and maybe that will mean I can help or play.


Oh dear me, “Benevolent Mayhem Swap”? I sincerely vote for this to happen. December is ambitious for me this year but February-ish mayhem might just work out…

I hope y’all will still do a santa thing if you can, golly it’s a fun time!


February or March Benevolent Mayhem looks good from here.

(and a side note to clarify that if there’s someone ambitious enough to run a holiday one, I don’t mean to hold a monopoly organizing or anything…)


I totally get it and worry about my motivation level this holiday season so I’m ok with postponing until next year.

You could always do an after the holiday secret swap. A “Santa forgot to bring me this” swap in January. Keep the gift giving season going.


I’m interested! I have been in a crafting funk and need a swap to get ne back in the game.

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That sounds like fun! And less stress than trying to squeeze something in before Christmas :slight_smile:

I’m also interested if it happens in february/march.