Appliance/Bowl Covers

We’ve a narrow pantry in the the space under the stairs where most of our small kitchen appliances life when not in use. This includes the InstantPot and KitchenAid stand mixer.

As much of the meals prepared in the InstantPot are spice & herb heavy which tends to make the gasket smell spicy, we store outs with the lid upside down to allow the gasket to air out… and collect dust. YUCK! And of course, it’s just the most space-efficient to store the mixer bowl with the mixer.


All materials are stash - in fact, the circles were already cut in appropriate sizes from an abandoned bowl cover project. :expressionless: I just did the simplest (crudest?) hem around the circle, then zigzag stitched the elastic over the pinked raw edge. No lining, no interfacing or stablizer.



Yeah, my kind of project; quick, uses stash, and is very effective!

This is brilliant! I need to borrow this idea.

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Great solution! I love a quick and easy project.

Great idea. Our slow cooker gets so dusty. And I love your colors.

Thanks, y’all!

I’m not going to lie; I for a split second I had visions of tidy, custom fitted covers. Then when digging though the to-make tote I found the pre-cut circles and said, “Meh/eureka, I’ll have this done in half an hour!”


I love this, I had planned on making covers for the entire appliances and these look like a much better idea.

Oh my goodness! Such a cute idea! They are like little jars of jam!

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Thank you!

Yes!!! My first thought when I saw these was wow! A way to incorporate Bonne Maman into kitchen decor, I love it!

These turned out awesome, @TheMistressT