Reusable Food Storage Bowl Covers


A couple-three years ago I cut out cotton and PUL liner fabrics to make bowl covers. Then I pinned them together and … abandoned the project. :thinking: Recently, I came upon them while looking for some other cotton circles I’d cut at the same which I turned into these appliance bowl covers.

They fit our place setting soup/cereal bowls which we end up using no infrequently for toppings and sauces at dinner and will often have left over and used the next day. So they don’t need to be water or air tight and they won’t come into contact with the food.

All the cottons were remnants from previous projects and the elastic had been harvested off the fitted sheet of a sheet set purchased for the fabric. So stash busting and WIP busting! YEY!


Beautiful and clever solution!
Maybe I need to make some appliance covers.

Thank you!

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I need to make same, one with PUL for proofing bread. Saran is the devil, I hate that stuff!

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