Applique Bags - Retro Phone & Umbrella

A few months ago I started playing with making my own appliques and designed these two bags:

The umbrella bag was started first, but the phone bag was finished first :sweat_smile: The fabric on the umbrella bag didn’t want to stick to my fusible interfacing so I had to hand stitch the edges of each raindrop and umbrella section (because I had already sewn the sides of the bag together and my machine couldn’t reach it all)… Since it was originally going to be a cast party gift I decided it would be faster to start over on a new bag so I designed the phone applique. When I made the phone bag I put the applique on before sewing the bag together so that I could easily reinforce the edges by machine stitching. More info on each can be found on my blog: Umbrella Bag & Phone Bag

Additional closeups:

They were fun to make and I ended up keeping the umbrella bag for myself :slightly_smiling_face:

Both appliques are made from sparkly cotton fabric. The umbrella is on a slippery upholstery type fabric with wool lining. The phone is on wool with linen bottom and lining.


Both of these are cool but I LOVE the buttons on the rotary phone!


That’s what I was going to say. The buttons on the phone are perfect! They are so whimsical and add a whole new dimension to it. I cannot imagine hand sewing all those raindrops. That bag is adorable and must have been a labor of love!

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The buttons on the phone are the extra most bestest!

Awww! The rain one is perfect for our area!

ohh, I love these but especially the PHONE!

I love the rain one it would be perfect to brighten a rainy day and the buttons on the phone are a great “extra” touch

Yes! I fell in love with it after spending so much time working on it :slightly_smiling_face:

It sure is! :smile:

Super super cute! And the buttons on the phone are just PERFECT! <3

It’s been already said, but the dial buttons are so clever!. Both the appliques are great, wonderful job

Sooo cute!

Both bags are beautiful!

These are great! I especially like the phone appliqué, so cool

Those are both great! I can’t decide which I like best. The buttons for phone buttons was a great touch. :slightly_smiling_face:

Love them.

These are genius. I love the buttons on the phone. That detail is so great!

Do you hand make these, or do you have an embroidery machine?

I made them by hand with a sewing machine and serger.

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Oh yes those buttons!!

Love both bags, applique is fun to do, right?

I bet you come up with more fun bags!


Love these!

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