Art Journaling Craftalong - 2022

This is amazing!! Really cool to add something that shows the current “you”. Beautiful.


I stumbled across a free art journaling class called Care December (I’m sorry if that was brought up at some point in the group, I’m always a bit behind the curve), and it’s available for lifetime access, and is free. Here’s the link: Care December Sale Page | Everything Art

I haven’t dug into it too much yet but I’m sort of a hoarder, so I want ALL THE CLASSES :smiley: and thought I would share.

Edited to add: Donations to a charity are requested - it is intended to be a fundraiser.


Happy 2022 all! I have been so un-creative and blah-feeling for the last 6 weeks or so… I haven’t been art journaling at all, hence my absence from this thread and the last Zoom art get-together.

But, your posts inspired me to look at the Burke classes again and now I have also purchased the Imagination class (and the homebody journaling class because WOW if ever a class has ever spoken directly to me, this was the one!) A couple more that were on sale too. My hopes are that spending the money will force me to do some art so I don’t feel like I wasted.

I’ll be keeping an eye out in the thread to see if there are any zoom get-togethers to work the Imagination class since it looks like a good handful signed up!


Sorry ladies - connection issues. I had hoped to join in. I can’t wait to see what you all worked on.


Day 8 of JJJan was florals, and I was planning to skip it because florals aren’t really my thing. But then I found this envelope lining while harvesting stamps from happy mail and couldn’t not use it.

This angle shows off the shimmer in the pattern:


Paper swap is posted - hope to see you there!


I used the day 10 prompt, pop of color, to do some found poetry with one of the Nancy Drew book pages.


It’s hard to get a good picture because it’s dark out but doodling with watercolors might be my new favorite thing ever.

I did this page in my daily creative practice journal so you can see bits of some of the other pages. Still need to decide what sentiment to add in the middle.


Lah! Those greens and limes, and evergreens! Was that a tutorial, or out of your noodle?

I love the space you left for writing.


It was loosely inspired by a Watch.Learn.Play video I watched a few weeks ago. She had a center square and doodles around it. I didn’t have it up as a reference (and I think I remember hers being mainly botanicals?) so I guess I’ll say she gets some of the credit and so do I :slight_smile:


And now I know I need to doodle with watercolors, too! So pretty!


Okay, @photojenn! I had to go find a similar one! it’s not really a tutorial, but she gives several clips of watercolor botanicals + doodling. I feel like I can figure it out!


I think I need to up my watercolor game this year. :thinking:

I have been in a bit of a paint-y slump lately, but you all are so inspiring I picked up my paints today! I did get new Liquitex acrylics last month but this isn’t my first time using…it could still count as new for the Jan prompt though right? :wink: Oh well either way, here’s my newest page in my journal petite. Inspired by this video.


Your doodles are so neat and perfect! I love it!


I love the way this page goes from sort of chaos at the outside, to calm in the middle. It draws your eye in so well. I love all the textures and layers also!


@megwell loving all your different page ideas!

@photojenn that watercolor doodle page is so cool

@Abbeeroad I love that! I watched some of Susanne Rose Art’s video yesterday.


For the 12 Days of Christmas swap @photojenn gave me this set of art journaling prompts
I put them in card sleeves to protect them from my messy creative style and in this old card box that I think I got from @Magpie ?

And I used the notebook I got from @Renstar to use the prompts,

here are the 2 pages I did following the prompts (You randomly pick 5 cards, shuffle, do what each card says, shuffle again and do them again in a different order.

great way to make backgrounds!

and then I added some simple focal points

and here are some other pages I’ve done in my notebook


How fun! I particularly like the “art” page, but the prompts are great!

Yes! I want to do more of her videos for sure.

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This is the one I want to try.

Anyone around this sunday to journal over zoom? this one looks simple and fairly quick.


My son has basketball practice and a game on Sunday, but I might be able to squeeze this in if it’s at our normally scheduled time!