Art Journaling Craftalong - 2022

I have done it several times. I don’t always finish. For me, it’s important to try to go all 61 days. I’m thinking that I’ll work on Rolodex cards but choose a theme or prompt. And I have time this week to make 61 backgrounds…so maybe I’ll go for it.


LOL that is exactly what I need!
Thanks :smiley:

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Thanks for the screenshots – I need to check my settings!

and @geekgirl – didn’t mean to give you more work! I’ll bookmark this thread & try to keep up!

also @Smmarrt , the ICAD sounds interesting! although I might have to do ICAW just to start with! Thanks for always posting such cool workshops & such :sunflower:


From last night’s Under the Influence class. We were inspired by the work of abbypainterart on Instagram. I really like her style and want to do more pieces like this


Every time I read “under the influence” I think you did it drunk :smiley:


Haha that’s what I always think of too :joy: It’s the name of the class series that Andrea teaches - Under the Influence. It’s fun because we look at the art of that week’s artist, identify key pieces of their style, then incorporate it into an art journal page. Sometimes the artist we are inspired by is even able to join the call and talk a bit or even stick around while we create.


I wouldn’t mind a tag. I don’t join many and don’t check this thread as much, but when I can join, it’s fun!

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Set your notification to tracking and you’ll see when there are new posts here.

I do, I just let them pile up before reading them. :slight_smile:


It would be better to set it to watching…you don’t get notifications for tracking unless your name is mentioned or someone replies to one of your replies.

June Prompts!

A little something different - tic-tac-toe journal page. Pick one row, column, or diagonal and make a journal page from those 3 elements.



Ooo! Fun!

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So many possible combos! I got more mixed media paper today so maybe this weekend I can relax and do one of these!

Love it.

May pages

3 colors - gray, green & blue
Die cuts
Ribbon or fiber
Favorite art quote by Picasso

On to June!


Ooh lovely

love this idea! I printed it as a memory jogger!
today is the last day of school, so I’m hoping that I will be able to spend more time on these prompts (when I’m not knitting, LOL)

and @Smmarrt , I have never seen that quote by Picasso – gives me a new understanding of his work

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Yet another virtual art retreat - a free weekend of inspiration and meeting new teachers.

Look at the first link - July 9 and 10. I have done this free weekend before (lots of snacks and a mess everywhere!) These are teaser or taster classes presented by the teachers who will teach during the upcoming year. I signed up for one year of classes but managed to avoid the temptation last year.

Honestly, Fodder School (for me) has been the best investment and most fun creatively but this might appeal to other omni-artists and makers. There will soon be a free Fodder Challenge - 8 days of mini lessons. Then you can sign up for Fodder School 2 in July. I’ll post the links when I get them. :grin:


I love Fodder School! I think of all of the classes I’m signed up for it’s the one that’s most consistently inspiring and the teachers are so generous with their content and ideas. I also really love Watch.Learn.Play. and find a lot of value from Wanderlust, but Fodder School is my favorite. Highly recommend everyone check out the upcoming Fodder Challenge!


I have been soo tempted to sign up for wonky bits as a stand alone class (someday!). I think I will def try to do the 8 day challenge. Maaaybe Fodder School 2…we’ll see how pricey it is. Def share links!!