Art Journaling Craftalong - 2022

I think it’s going to be around $200 but I don’t recall the exact price.

Yes about $200. But I think there will be an early bird price for a week or two in July.

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Hm…thanks guys. Cost was the main prohibitor for me for Fodder School. Maybe when my girls are out of daycare I can justify spending that much! :crossed_fingers:


I stepped back from Watch.Learn.Play. because I was feeling overwhelmed with all the choices. I have also been in Wanderlust for years, but I tend to look for the teachers I know, watch their lessons, and I will work on a bunch of things at the same time. I may finally give up Wanderlust (for Fodder School) but I always manage to find one or two lessons that strike a chord.

I wish The BookMaker Collective would come back a second time around - I only took 2 of the classes but they were fantastic also.

One of the things I’m really liking about Wanderlust is how they organized it this year (my first year but I don’t think past ones were the same). There is a “star supply” and some in depth lessons at the beginning about the supply (I know so much about gesso and gel mediums now!) then 7 weeks of lessons highlighting that supply. I feel like it’s helping fill in a lot of knowledge gaps I had.


Had fun playing in my journals today.

This page is a gel print from Dina Wakley 's Ditch the Brayer FB class, and some collage, on a background of washi tapes knocked back with white acrylic. (Or maybe gesso)

This one is an acrylic paint background with a print of a vintage photo I found in an antique shop, and a bit of collage and marks with gloss spray. The circles are printed hole reinforcers, and the quote is from Tim Holtz.

This one is a cutout inspired by Art Journal Love on YT, and a second page for Marsha P Johnson, for Pride.


These are all great, but I particularly love the first one, how did you do the flowers?


Thank you. They were on a Gelli plate, white acrylic through a stencil, then the flowers were just brushed on in layers of more acrylic, then all printed at once. It is Pebeo setacolour fabric paint, so is quite heavy body paint

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I enrolled in the class but could only watch the first hour. Now I’m inspired to finish it!
Lovely pages!


I’m sure you all have loads of online class inspiration ~ but I came across a free week of classes and wanted to share here


great pages @LittleCogs

anyone up for art journaling this Sunday June 26 at 2pm Eastern time?
(7pm London time, 11am Pacific time)
Like many others I’ve been in a bit of a funk and over committed with life in general and could use some fun art journaling time.

This looks simple and uses a limited amount of supplies

Suggested Supplies:

  • papers
  • adhesive: glue stick, collage pauge, gel medium, etc
  • Stabilo Woodys or any other water-soluble crayon (Neocolor II, Gelatos, Distress Crayons, could even use watercolor pencils or even paints)
  • Gesso
  • a rubber stamp to make a focal point or any other image (cut out, handmade wonky bit, etc)
  • ink pad for stamp
  • sentiment
  • Count me in

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Bummer! I will be away this weekend for my cousin’s daughter’s HS graduation. Nice page, though. Looks fun!

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Yes! I really want to buy some of the Stabilio Woodies and would if I had at least one taste on how to use them! I could use my gelatoes or crayons for this one.

I understand the Woodies can be sharpened…the gelatoes and crayons can’t be.


You can use the woodies and Neocolor II crayons interchangeably. The woodies are nice because you get a thicker line. I usually find myself reaching for the Neocolor II (I have both) because I like the colors better.


We are taking a mini holiday and leaving our island for the first time in 1.5 years this weekend so I’m not available.


I’m also away this weekend and landing back in SF about that time. I may try to do it independently to wind down from a crazy week and weekend.


I’ll be preparing for a trip next week too, but thanks for the invite!

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I’ll join in! It’s been frenetic here with work and cleaning the house to sell and prepping for open homes etc. - I really could use a little island of art joy with you guys :smile:


I would have joined but my daughter and I are in Genoa, Italy, having a break.x