Art Journaling Craftalong - 2022

Does anyone know what brand of pad I could buy? (the small colorful papers she used for the collage?)

Wow, I hope you’re having a fabulous time!!

Not sure about scrapbook paper pads but I plan on using my stash of painted papers/gelli prints from previous art making and swaps. If I wanted to buy paper I’d probably go to Michael’s or Joann’s and find a pad that appealed to me.

I don’t really buy patterned papers by brand, just colors and designs that appeal to me. If you don’t have patterned papers already and don’t want to buy any you could just make some painted papers. Nothing fancy just spread some color around.

If you do want to buy something, like @photojenn says - just go to a craft store and buy what appeals to you. for this purpose probably paper on the thinner side.
Of just buy a sheet or 2 of the loose patterned papers they sell.

Also, you could use magazine pages, tissue papers, wrapping paper, etc. It doesn’t have to be scrapbook paper. Although some papers may be a bit more fragile to work with.


here are a couple videos on making painted papers for collaging.

Also, thought this would be a good topic to put in the top post with all the reference materials.
Also maybe a Collage Fodder section.

So if anyone has any good free links for background papers or collage fodder let me know


I quite buying scrapbook papers long ago…I used to buy whatever huge pad was on sale at Joann’s…they also have single sheets, and I do sometimes buy them but only if it is for a specific project. I would rather use my underpaper scraps, junk mail stuff, or security envelopes.

@kayrun…I can send you some paper if you want…what colors do you like? Seriously, when you tear them up for collage, they all blend together anyway.


I definitely have magazine & catalog pages I could use!
and thx for the video ideas

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oh, the security envelopes are a good idea, too!
I’ll message you about paper colors – that is so sweet of you!

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I’m going to be offline for a while this morning so if anyone else signs up I can send you the zoom link about an hour before it starts.


Here is the post talking about colored pencils

@AIMR i did this journal page using the black paint wash, stencil, baby wipe technique


Here is my page from today’s zoom. I feel pretty happy with it.


That’s fabulous @geekgirl, I think the added stencilling and high contrast around your focal point works so well!

Here’s where my one got to, I’m pretty pleased with it too. I always enjoy using the neocolor II.

Thanks for a great session, I really appreciated a little island of creative happiness in the week :smile:


Here is mine before I decided I didn’t really like it. It just felt too large and unfinished.

So, I cut it in half and put in a few words. I like it much better now.

It was wonderful to see you guys! I always feel inspired and a sense of kinship when we take time to do art together!

I also feel the urge to buy all the supplies…Zoom Day is Amazon Shopping Day!


@jemimah thats gorgeous. Love those muted colors.

@AIMR love how cutting it down and adding a sentiment turns it into a whole new page. Looks great. Like how the words are torn out.

I need to start buying smaller journals.


Thanks! I can use the other half for ATCs or collage fodder!

love it!
thanks so much for running the zoom session today! it was great fun (although I had to tune in late due to a FaceTime call by the world’s cutest grandbaby!) So fun just hanging out together while crafting, since I have no one IRL to do that with

one question – you showed the stickers that are different words/ phrases, and of course I’m interested in buying some…do you have a link or a search term for me to use? :computer: Thanks!

@jemimah , the teacups are just adorable! and the phrase is fantastic

@AIMR that looks wonderful! cutting in half was a good move! and I agree, now I want to shop for more supplies!! teehee

I’ll take a photo of my project when it’s daytime

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I am sending you a bunch of fun papers to use for collage and those stencils tomorrow. I did order some of those bottles @photojenn mentioned.


These are ones I got. Cheap, if you’re happy to wait for slow delivery.
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Thanks for the links!
And thanks to @AIMR for the offer of paper supplies! :heart:

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Ooh, that looks brilliant @AIMR! I liked it in the larger version, but cutting it down and adding the words makes a much more focussed composition. And your contrasting colours have fantastic energy.