Artist Trading Cards!

Hello! Thank you for asking!

I haven’t started collecting yet, so I’m open to lots of different things! I’ll put a list below; I hope it’s helpful rather than overwhelming, lol. They can all be interpreted freely too, I’m not picky :slight_smile:

  • Artist’s choice
  • Movies—general, or specifically, Back to the Future, Princess Bride, X-Men (especially Wolverine). No horror please; I’m a scaredy-cat
  • Lindy Hop or Blues—the dances, the music (e.g. jazz, big band), or the dance legends (e.g. Frankie Manning, Dawn Hampton)
  • Old-fashioned writing themes, e.g. typewriters, fountain pens
  • Snail mail
  • Books
  • Kawaii
  • Black panthers (the animal, not the Marvel character)
  • Summer
  • Brazil/Brazilian folklore
  • Canada
  • Travel—general, or specifically, road trips, van life, cycle touring, adventure travel
  • Motorcycles
  • HEMA Swordfighting
  • Food (preferably vegetarian)
  • Board games, especially indie ones that I may not recognize
  • Active Hobbies—general, or specifically, swimming, hiking, strength training/bodyweight training
  • Disability rights—general, or specifically, invisible disabilities (no spoons please; I dislike the theory/language)
  • Photography
  • Sunflowers
  • The ocean/beach/sea creatures
  • Calligraphy/lettering
  • Cowboy hats
  • Zebras
  • Anatomy (bones, organs, muscles, etc)

Oof, that’s a long list, I hope that’s OK/helfpul… let me know if I shoul shorten it so I don’t overwhelm people. I feel like for now I’d like to collect lots of different themes to reflect my varied interests. Then once I’ve traded a few times I might get into collecting some of the same theme :slight_smile:

My only strong dislike is that centipedes really freak me out (even writing the word gives me the heebie jeebies). And I can’t have anything perfumed, as I’m severely sensitive to fragrances. Otherwise, anything that’s family-friendly goes :slight_smile:

Thank you for suggesting checking out the craftalongs, I spent sometime today looking through the different threads. I’m going to join the scrappy challenge. I have so many paper scraps that I should really o something with.


For anyone wondering about the stamp:

I was born an raised in Brazil an immigrated to Canada with my family in 2000. I hold dual citizenship and both countries are deeply rooted as “my countries.” The maple leaf flag is oriented on the Brazilian map in the general region where I’m from (Southeast/São Paulo).

Thank you so much for the kind words, @Bunny1kenobi (awesome screen name, btw). Yes, I’m going to be checking those out. I’ve already decided to join the scrappy one; I need it!!

Obrigada @SewCrafty for greeting me in Portuguese! The correct spelling is Bem-vinda, tudo bem? For men you use bem-vindo, for women you use bem-vinda, and for a collective of people you say bem-vindos. How do you know Portuguese? Oh, generally we just call it Portuguese, and only specify Brazilian Portuguese to differentiate from other regions where it’s also spoken. Where I live there are a lot of people from the Azores, so I always say I speak Brazilian Portuguese. Sometimes they speak way too fast for me to understand, so by specifying they know to talk a tad slower, lol!

Are you in Ontario too? Our city thankfully has fairly clear air again, but we had it pretty rough for a while. My asthma was not happy. I hope the air clears as soon as possible where you are!

@ArtsyLadyCrafter Welcome to you also! Yes, isn’t this site just lovely? I am so grateful for how encouraging and welcoming everyone is :heart:


Obrigada for the corrections. Bem-vinda, tudo bem! (It’s been a while since I was in Brazil and I have no aptitude for languages, plus I am dyslexic and can’t spell!) A Brazilian friend was pleased when I tried to speak Brasilian, not Portuguese.

It seems many Portuguese speakers here are from the Azores, but I have met some Brazilians too. At least, in the before-the-pandemic days…

I’m in Ottawa. (No, I don’t work for the government.) There has already been a few very poor air quality days and it’s only June, I think it’s going to be a smokey summer, sigh.


Eeek, I’m sorry to hear about the air in Ottawa. I didn’t know it was still bad there. I lived in Ottawa for 2 years (2007-2008). I did my BEd there. Living in Ottawa was all right, but I’m glad to be back where I can turn left on almost every street :joy: I have a terrible sense of direction and get easily lost; the no left turns always messed me up.

Where did you visit in Brazil, if you don’t mind me asking? What was your favourite thing to do/eat/see there? I saw in your profile that you love to travel; we are kindred spirits in that regard :slight_smile: I love travelling as well; I want to do more of it. I dream of retirement in a little van that I drive aroun to get away from the winter. It’s been 26 years; if I don’t like it by now, it’s never gonna happen :joy:

Interesting about your friend; that’s the first time I’ve heard of this. Although Brasil should definitely be spelled with an s, not a z :slight_smile: I think the reason that English-speaking countries spell it this way has to do with how we pronounce the letter /s/ in Portuguese. To English-speaking people, it likely sounds more like a z. So when people read “Brazil” they pronounce it the way we would pronounce “Brasil.” I’m a bit of a language nerd and I love learning languages :heart:

Brazil has two official languages: Portuguese and LIBRAS (Brazilian Sign Language). LIBRAS has been recognized as an official language for over 20 years, and Brazil is one of 41 countries to recognize sign languages as such. Of course, there are lots of other languages spoken in Brazil, including endangered indigenous ones, but in terms of federal communications, only the two I mentioned are regularly used. Thank you for allowing me to infodump lol!

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Here are some more ATCs I’ve made so far:

My youngest daughter made the ones below. she only just turned 9!


So nice to have found a hobby that lets you share with others and to pass on to a child! The rainbow dots are fun!

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Welcome, @LindyBlues !

That’s a wonderful collection of ATC’s that you’ve made!

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The air was only poor here for a few day too, but I fear they won’t be the last this summer. Yes, Centretown is the home of the one-way street. I was car-free when I lived downtown, so it usually wasn’t a problem, except for the day I was cycling and almost got run over by a women driving the wrong way, whilst on her cell phone!

I visited Iguassu from Argentina. The next trip I flew into São Paulo and went to Paraty, then up the coast to Ilha Grande, Rio, Vitoria etc as far north as Salvador, then Belo Horizonte and back to São Paulo. (I had two months, so I took my time.) The last trip, I flew into Santiago, Chile, then worked my way to Porto Alegre, Florianopolis, Curituba and flew out from São Paulo.

I truly loved everything - the people, the music, the scenery, the food - Feijoada, of course, caipirinha and the fruit. Though I am not used to eating that much beef!

I met Emerson, from São Paulo, on the flight from Toronto. He liked I tried to speak Brasilian which was really just my mediocre Spanish with a few Portuguese words thrown in. I stayed with him and his family when I returned to São Paulo. They are such lovely people.

Visiting Amazonas is high on my bucket list. I have a vision of taking a boat up the river…

That’s very interesting LIBRAS is considered an official language! If Turkey can change the name to Türkiye then Brasil should be spelled with an ‘S’, despite what autocorrect tells me!

I am actually quite new to Lettucecraft and I’m not sure if this is ‘hijacking a thread!’ So I will message you from now on with non-craft related things.

Dear Mods, I’m still learning the Lettucecraft culture, so forgive any and all of my transgressions!

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What fun your daughter is sharing your hobby!

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Thank you so much :heart:

Thank you for sharing your experience :heart:

My latest batch of ATCs

Mods: should I always share my ATCs under this thread, or start a new post for new ATCs? Thank you!


And a few more

The ATC below contains spiders


Thank you for blurring the spider…I love them but a very dear person here does not like them at all…I do ask that you blur clowns…lol…I hate them… :rofl:

BTW–I like seeing your ATCs all in one place…some people do a monthly post and others post as they make them…we just like to see and we love pictures!


You’re welcome!

I’ve been doing some looking around at the ongoing ATC swap thread, and I remembered seeing someone saying “no spiders.” I figured it might be a phobia, so I decided to blur it out, just in case :slight_smile: I like spiders (they kill mosquitoes!) and spiderwebs are my favourite thing to doodle :heart: I don’t mind clowns, but not something I would draw, so you’re safe :joy:

Yes, I think I’ll keep posting here, unless it’s a new technique I’m trying, like the “lace” one. I kind of like having it all under one “roof” too; it’ll be easy to see my progress over time that way.

I think I’m going to outline the flowers with alcohol marker. This one feels like it’s missing something. I think a black outline would bring it together. And if I don’t like it, I’ll just redo it. I made the flowers with a bingo marker. Then I added a bit of watercolour in the center.


I could see using a fine liner pen with it. Delicate line for delicate flowers.
On one of the other ATCs did you do a neuro… something exercise? I saw a link to it on the Paper Craftalong board, but now I forget what it’s called.

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mmmm… I’m not sure if that was me. I don’t recall doing a neuro something exercise. I did an attempt at a “paper lace,” which I’m not 100% sure is the right term for it. But other than that one all the ATCs I shared so far are on this thread.

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Yes, I like it better with the outline. But now I feel like I need to add more to the backgbackground. I think I may just keep adding to this one.


Ooooh!!! I posted this on June 20th! Does that mean I’m allowed to join the July ATC swap???


I think so…!

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