Artist Trading Cards!

I’ve recently gotten into ATCs and I wanted to share some of the ones I’ve made so far :slight_smile:

I haven’t traded any yet, but I have put in a suggestion to my local library that they may want to consider starting a swap.

Im new on the forum, so I’ll eagerly await the month before I can join an ATC swap. I know another one may not happen until the fall, but I’ll keep making them anyway:)

I also had a stamp made on Zazzle for the back of my cards!



One of my favorite themes that I love to receive are insects, so I am really eyeing the one with the beetles!


Welcome! (And a preemptive welcome to the Ongoing ATC Swap :wink:.)

These are great cards. I especially like the music note/butterfly one.


WELCOME to LettuceCraft! I’m sure that the ATC swappers are going to be super happy to receive you into their circle when that month passes, because these are great.


Love the colors and motion you got with your paintings. You will have a lot of fun in the swap!


These are lovely! I especially like the butterfly collage one, so pretty.

Welcome to Lettuce Craft! In case you haven’t seen it yet, you might also enjoy the Paper, Mixed Media, Art Journaling Craftalong. There’s lots of fun paper and mixed media ideas and chat in there :smiley_cat: (It’s kind of a long thread, you don’t have to read the whole thing, you’re welcome to just jump in.)


Love the leaves!!


I like the colors you used for your blue/teal one.
I’ll come back to swapping ATCs after the summer is mostly finished :slight_smile:


Thank you for all the super nice messages, everyone! You all made my day :heart:

@AIMR No pressure, but if you’re interested in a direct swap, please feel free to PM me, and I’d be glad to mail the “Bug Off” card to you :slight_smile: This is the back of that card:

@jemimah Thank you so much for the link; I’ll check it out!

I’ve been experimenting with all sorts of media on these; I feel like they’re the perfect place to do it since they’re small, so it doesn’t feel like a huge commitment :slight_smile:

So far I’ve use acrylic, watercolour, markers, collage, mixed media, and I’ve even attempted “paper lace,” which was really hard and didn’t work, but I want to try again. Eventually I want to try doing some “sewing” directly on the paper, too.

I thought I’d share more photos of ATC’s I’ve made so far; I hope that’s OK!

I sent the cards below to someone who wanted to trade (on a different, not craft-related website), but I haven’t received from them yet, so I still haven’t really officially traded.

And here are some more that I’ve made recently :heart:

I may keep sharing in this thread; it’s fun to show them to others who are as excited about them as I am :slight_smile: I think my family has had enough of me talking about them :joy:


A lot of the painting ATCs I’ve been making are my way to use up the copious amount of paint one of my kiddos tends to leave behind after she paints :joy: Instead of trying to put it back in the bottle or throwing out the paint, I experiment with the ATCs.

The red one is one of what I’ve come to call a “sploosh” painting. If there’s too much paint leftover (my daughter just uses a piece of cardboard as a “palette” a lot of the time), I just “sploosh” the card down onto the paint, and it makes these cool root-like patterns. Then I add detail with other media like markers, stickers, etc. It’s so much fun :heart:


Love your cards and your arty experimentation! Looks like you’re having so much fun, and your cards are great. That butterfly collage is so pretty, and I love the orange color sploosh one in the last set, also. Welcome to Lettuce Craft!

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Thank you so much! I really am having a great time making these :slight_smile:


I was just thinking that people may not realize what the pictures on the stamp signify. Perhaps I could make a reprintable card in ATC size that explains it… mmm ideas are coming :joy:

:rainbow: :comet: :rocket: Your project is out of this world! That’s why it is one of this week’s Featured Projects! CONGRATS! :rocket: :comet: :rainbow:

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Oh wow; that’s an honour :heart: thank you!

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Do you have particular themes you like to collect? When we swap, we list themes to give ideas since the choices could be ENDLESS! ha ha We also have “artist choice”, which really is low pressure because you make what you love!

I also think you should check out some of the other craftalongs, especially the one where we make masterboards that can be used for backgrounds for ATC’s…you will never be out of ideas for sure! ha ha


Welcome! You have some lovely work here and I know we’ll enjoy having you swap ATCs with us. You might also wish to check out the Nerd Games craftalong. We have prompts that can help inspire you and motivating contests, too! Low pressure and FUN!


Bem vinido!! Tudor ben? Wish I could remember more Brasilian (I noticed the maple leaf over the map of Brazil and was puzzled until I checked your bio. You’re in my ‘neck of the woods’ - if it doesn’t burn down. :anguished:
Those are very cool! I would like to start making trading cards too, once I wade through the mountain of WIP.

Nice catch!

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Welcome! :wave:t4: I’m new too! See how so many come out and welcome you and comment on your art? It’s amazing considering the decline in forum and social media participation over the last few years.

I like your fall leaves ATC! I like how large the leaves are and the colors. Can’t get enough of fall! I also like you back plate. See you around the site. :sunflower: