Artist Trading Coin Swap?

Would anyone be interested in doing an Artist Trading Coin (ATCoin) swap? I’m not sure there have been any on Lettuce Craft yet and I would love to add some more to my collection.

What is an Artist Trading Coin? A 2.5" circle of art/collage created on a thicker base like a cereal box. Here’s a pinterest board from our very own @pioneer9 and a website from a papercrafter who shares some coins and tips for making them: Artist Trading Coins Round-Up – The Fat Cactus

Requirements: 3 ATCoins for your partner based on their list of themes

Crafting Time: 3 weeks after signups end


I would be up for this. I have some coins that need inspiration/motivation!

Yes! Because I’d ask for merit badge style. Because I love those!

[runs off to see whether she has a 2.5-inch lid to trace around]

Ooh, that’s a good theme for this :thinking:. . .

I like that theme too! I think it’d be a fun an easy swap. :slight_smile:

I’m in - these are fun to make!

Yes please!

I’d love this! These are awesome, and if you got a little collection going I bet they would look awesome sharing a frame :slight_smile:

Yes! They make fun magnets too. :slight_smile:

This swap is ready for you to sign up!