ATCoin Swap - Gallery S/U 10/26-11/9-21, S/O 11/30/21


Share all of your amazing ATCoins here!


It looks like I’m the first to receive! I received an amazing set of ATCoins from @TheMistressT. She went with both my mushroom theme and my black and white with pops of color theme.
Look at these beauties:

And the gorgeous layers:

I’m so impressed that these were the first ones you’ve done and very happy that I got to be a recipient of your art!


Awwww, YEY! I’m so glad (relieved) that you like them! I really had a lot of fun figuring it all out and coming up with a set just for you. Thanks so much for organizing this swap and being my partner!

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Adorable shrooms! I love the colors and the array of gorgeous papers you used.

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The mushrooms are really well done and I love the style of them.

Thanks, youse guys! The mushrooms are cut with dies with a Sizzix. such teeny pieces!

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These are super cute - I love the mix of patterns among the papers used!

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I also received from @TheMistressT, who went with my InspiroBot theme. Look at these babies!

“Give fake agreements a try. Now.”
“Suspectionality wants you.”
“Become sexy.”

And the card with a bonus InspiroBot quote:

Amazing! Thanks for swapping with me!


I’m so glad they arrived safely! I was a bit concerned the bumpy bits might tear the envelopes in transit.

Very fun! Are they stamped into metal?

FYI…That bonus card is my new favorite saying.

What a great start to the gallery! Both sets are fantastic!

I red these awesome coins from @Kwality570

The Bobs Burgers one look just like the original art. Spot on!

Some close ups! Such beautiful backgrounds and perfect little details.
I may make the Michigan one into a magnet for my fridge. :heart:


Well these are amazing lol. It does look like the original art! I attempted to “draw” for my coins and decided that’s just not in my wheelhouse. :laughing:

These are hilarious. I think if we do this swap again, I’ll just put “funny” as one of my themes - it could be InspiroBot or so many other things, and they’d be a great collection.

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Wow, these are fantastic! I love the artwork, and the details (outlines on the circle, the characters, the phrases). I always get so inspired about ways to take my own work up a few notches when I see everyone else’s techniques.

Those are amazing! Kwality’s work has such detail and precision without being staid or at all constricted-feeling! I know this partly, because I received mine from her, too! EEP!

Just look at that Bigfoot version of her awesome monsters - that thatch of chest hair! :rofl: And the sweet carpincho! Or capybara, as you may know them. This one reminds me of the babies we saw in an estuary in Argentina where I first fell in love with them. And I love that we swapped toadstools/mushrooms as well as ATCoins! That snail is so wee!

THANKS SO MUCH for swapping with me!


Yes they are! Recycled/repurposed materials were on her list, so I used beverage cans.

Wow! These are great :heart_eyes:

I received my coins from @megwell !

The first one is this sweet heart coin for my “hearts” theme. I love all the texture created by the layers.

Next up is this fun mermaid for my mythical creatures theme. I like how she’s in among the kelp forest.

Finally, this hilarious character for my anthropomorphized food theme. He was on my desk and kept looking at me like “heeeeyyy,” so I relocated him to my ATC display :joy:

Thank you so much, Meg - these are so fun!


So glad you like them! That’s really unnerving about the envelope, but at least everything arrived intact.

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