Ary fryer recipes/tips

I got an air fryer-late to the party! But I love it. It’s got wire racks and a rotisserie instead of a basket.

So far it’s awesome for ovenchips (fries) reheating pizza, reheating anything with pastry.

But I’d love more tips, recipies?


I keep thinking I want one but I am still on the fence.

I got a tiny one from my mom (who got it as a gift from somewhere). It’s very small, so I use it for single servings of stuff, mostly.
It reheats pizza very well, and I made some yummy chicken drumsticks in it. Just coated them in a mixture of a bit oil and spices (Tuscan season blend) and ran it for 20 minutes on 200C.
Oh, I also made salmon, using this recipe (with slightly different spice, because that’s what I had):
I want to try baking a pizza in it, I’ll report back once I do :pizza:


we are late to the air frying party too!!
my daughter has been making a lot of sweet potato fries since we got it…last night i used it for the first time and cooked up some small pork loin chops for the family…didnt look it up and i couldnt find the book that came with it, but i preheated it to 400F, then threw in the marinated chops (which had been sitting in bbq sauce) for about 5 min, flipped them and then another 4-5 min and that was dinner done.

i really want to make some fried pickles in it…or onion rings. because deep fry without the deep frying is my idea of a good time!!

I made char siu pork in it tonight. Delicious!

One full pork tenderloin cut into strips, about 3/4 to an inch in crossection. Marinated overnight in 1/4 hoisin sauce, 1/4cup soy sauce (or a bit less) , 1/4 cup honey, 1/2 TSP 5 spice powder.

I air-fried 26 minutes at 190C turning over and basting with marinate half way.

Served over plain rice, with the remaining marinade boiled up and reduced.



I’ve used ours to make beef jerky. We also used to do a decent amount of fish in it and it’s pretty good for frozen tater tots. Lately, it’s been more of a countertop decoration, so thanks for starting this thread! Hopefully all the tasty suggestions will get me back into using it!

Hot dang! We just got one, too, and yours sounds just like ours! So far we have cooked frozen foods with great success, along with teriyaki chicken thighs, smoked sausage, etc. ALSO! it does wonders with BACOOOON! Crispy and effortless.

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How long do you cook the bacon?

About 8-10 minutes at 400 F, but keep an eye on it! I think if you have the single basket-type kind, you have to flip it. I have the kind with racks and the air circulates completely around the food, so it seems to cook faster and no flipping. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Perfect, that’s the kind I have too! Thank you!

Did you make jerky with spices or plain? I fancy making biltong, but I need a good recipe.

How long did you dry your jerky for?

What is biltong?
I marinate the meat strips in a 2 part marinade. 1/2 is Frank’s red hot sauce (which is a vinegar based hot sauce) and the other half is low sodium soy sauce. Then I push the dehydrate button and increase the temp to 160°. I dry it for an hour and a half (which is more than sufficient for very dry meat, contrary to the recipe that came with the airfryer).

This is the recipe that came with the air fryer:

Thanks for that. Biltong is the south african version of Jerky, it has lots of whole ground spices in the cure.

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I just got a convection toaster oven. It’s a little slower than an air fryer, but holds more food, can be used for regular baking and broiling, and has a rotisserie. This one can cook two 12" pizzas at once. I used it to bake a loaf of bread the other day.

Despite its name, it doesn’t toast well. Sigh.

But I’m looking forward to experimenting with air fryer recipes!


My new favorite air fryer recipe is mini Nutella turnovers.

Preheat air fryer to 400°

Divide store bought puff pastry sheet into 12 squares.

Put a spoonful of Nutella in the center of each square

Egg wash the edges and fold each square in half diagonally, turnover-style.

Egg wash the top of each turnover

Cook in air fryer for 6 minutes (you can only fit about four in the basket at a time, so you’ll have to cook them in batches)

Dust with powdered sugar (it hides any filling leakage or wonky folding :wink:)

(PS - They’re also great next day with a cup of tea or coffee for breakfast :innocent:)


Ooh sounds awesome

It looks like puff pastry will be added to our grocery list :yum:

i came across a recipe for air fryer boiled eggs yesterday that i find intriguing…

Uh, really? It’s faster on the stove!
I know, if you’ve got the appliance, you look for ways to use it.

of course they’re faster on the stove!! :grinning: but i like the idea of pressing play and then just waiting for the beep…and then seeing if they are as good as “normal” ones…lol…