Assortment of stitch markers

I’ve been using bits of brightly colored yarn to mark my stitches for ages, HOWEVER… that doesn’t work so well on tiny things like socks and if the stitches are big and loose on larger things, the yarn tends to fall out if i take too long. Sooo clippy stitch markers it is.

All of these beads and hooks are from my stash!

The pink markers are 100% plastic beads.
The lavender markers are glass and plastic.
The brown and red markers are wood and glass.

All super light and ready to use


Oooh, these would inspire me to start a yarnwork project just so I could use them! Great stitch markers!


Thanks! They are basically the same construction as simple earrings.


Very nice! I always love to look at stitch markers and wine charms even though I don’t do that kind of craft or ever misplace my wine. :rofl:


Cute & functional! I love this idea for using up plastic and acrylic beads we all seem to end up with too. They sometimes seem not fancy enough to make jewelry with, but it’s a great reminder that we can change up what we create with various supplies. :heart:


These look like they’d make projects even more fun! I love light and fun stitch markers like these!

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They turned out really pretty as well as being functional. I like using these with the letters of crochet hook sizes as well so I can remember what hook I am using in case I need the hook for another project.

They are also nice to use to mark the front and backs of projects…looks like you have plenty for your projects!

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