ATC Blitz #2!- The Adventure Continues

Here’s my set from the latest ATC Blitz. I used the masterboard that I made earlier in the week, and it made the whole process so much less stressful (I can never figure out the backgrounds)!

Top row: Chevron, Fortune Cookie Fortunes, Add a Hat!
Bottom Row: The Earth, Snarky, In the Garden


So glad to see you making atcs and masterboards! You are so good at this!

These are fabulous! They look so great all together, I think the snarky one is my favourite!

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Thank you! It’s really outside of my comfort zone, so I’m finding that I have to just dive in and not think about it too much. Using the masterboard really did help a lot! And, BTW, I love how cleverly you were able to combine 6 words and the theme of the coronavirus to match every theme of the blitz!

Thank you! I think the snarky one might be my favorite, too :slight_smile: I really love your panda set! I wish I could paint!

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Hahaha! The chevron card!!! Hilarious!!

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