ATC Blitz #4- The Trees

Here are my 6 ATCs from the Weekend ATC Blitz #4..

This time, I included trees in all of my cards, and did them all as cut paper collage. Once I had my ideas sketched out, each card took about an hour or so to make. I used my latest masterboard as the background.

I think this is my favorite set so far!


These are great! I especially like how you edged the pieces with black. :slight_smile:

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cADDc! This is my favorite as well! I can’t believe you cut each little piece! I really like the black edging - great detail. Your color palette speaks to me.

The little vulture is my favorite! Epic Blitz!


These are fantastic! I’m also loving how everything is edged in black. Very dramatic!

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I think this is my favorite set from this weekend.

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Thank you! I edged them so they would have a little more depth. The paper pieces looked pretty flat until I edged them.

Thank you! I pulled out some cardstock and a bundle of paper scraps and tried to make the cards using the same colors throughout. I added in a blue for the waterfall, pink for the vulture head, and the purple for the (purple) mountains (majesty), but otherwise, I think the cards have the same colors. I love earth tones (and green!), so these cards are in a color palette I love, as well :heart: I really love the vulture, too! My sister claimed him already!


Thank you! I really like the technique and it really kicks it up a level.

Cutting the pieces was probably the easiest part. Feeding all of the little pieces through my Xyron was the trickiest part. I can’t find my Xyron X, so my sister will let me borrow hers for next week.

Thank you! I think this is my favorite set out of all of the ones that I have made. I’m already thinking ahead to next week. I have an idea for a theme, and might need to tailor my masterboard to suit it :slight_smile:

I like the subtlety of the edging; I find it hard to give it that finishing touch without screaming LOOK, A BORDER. I’m quite partial to the Red Riding Hood one.

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Thanks! I think that one’s my favorite, too.

This is my favourite set of yours as well-the paper painting is fabulous!!

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Thank you! They really were fun to make, and I think I’ll be using this technique some more!

fantastic job! these colors drew me right in.

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