ATC Mailers from Gift Card Holders

I bought some gift card holders from Dollar Tree to use as the base of another project, but when I got them home I realized they weren’t going to work for what I wanted. While I was deciding what to do with them, I realized the gift card slot was (more or less) the same size as an ATC, so I decided to turn them into cards for swapping ATCs.

I made a big painty mess on some book pages and then glued them to the fronts of the holders and trimmed them down. There was also a little flap on the holder that I cut off. They’re a bit…informal, as Mary Berry would say, but they’re done!

Here’s the front of the original holder.

And a shot of the unsullied book pages.

Thanks for looking!


What a great additional touch to an ATC!


Very clever!!

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Love the artsy, grungy vibe you achieved. Great transformation of the gift card holders!

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Genius! Love the chunky lettering!

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Great save! And a really clever way to repurpose for mailing ATCs

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Thanks, everyone!

I’d love to say I did all that lettering, but it’s an alphabet stencil. I DID do all that stenciling, though.

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They look fantastic! I love how vibrant your colour combos are.

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