ATC's January through April 2024

Here are the ATC’s I’ve made so far this year, except the ones that have not yet been received; I don’t want to accidentally spoil surprises :blush:

I had created the background on this card ages ago to use up paint, and to be honest I can’t remember how I got that textured effect… But it seemed like a good background for a dragon. The background is acrylic and the dragon and mountain are made with markers.

This one I made for a “reading” theme, but I happen to know the recipient loves cats, so I added some “cat humour” into it :heart:

The background on the one below was also made with leftover paint from another project. I re-created a card that I had made for the greeting card swap, but the colours are more muted because o the background. The background is acrylic and everything else was done with markers.

This is a “doodle” one I made to use up black cardstock. I made it with metallic permanent markers.

I made this mermaid ATC as part of my package for the “invite your partner swap.” I had this “fabric” laying around, and I thought it would make a fun mermaid tail.

I had a lot of fun making this one. I Googled “X’Men 97 cartoon” and landed on someone’s VHS collection, which inspired me to draw this:

For someone’s “colourful bird” theme (I think I may have already posted about this ATC elsewhere, but here it is again anyway:

Another dragon (I really enjoy drawing dragons):

For someone’s “ornate dagger” theme:

I ran an art/active games day at our Catholic homeschool group, and I had the kids make faith-based ATCs to trade with each other. I made some as examples, so they could see the variety of things they could do. This angel one ended up as a gift for fellow choir members:

This collage one was an example for the toddlers/younger kiddos in the group:

I also made finger-painting examples for the toddlers:

A couple of lettering example for the older kiddos:

A pencil drawing example, not my favourite (I’ll learn to draw faces some day…)


I love that you are experimenting with so many different techniques! Cat one is my favorite (I love cats, and the book titles are hilarious.)

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I love the ATC size for this reason; I feel much freer to experiment, and then if I don’t like what I came up with, I haven’t wasted that much material!

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Ooo. Love the books and the doodle!

It’s hard to pick a favorite! love the vivid colors for the dragon card but the cats and books is a great theme.

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I got two of these cards, and they are amazing. You can tell you have a lot of fun with them. I love how they are each so unique and varied.


Thank you for the kind words, everyone :heart:

I added some more of the cards I made, now that the recipients have them. As well as some I had forgotten to post earlier :heart:

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I love how you keep experimenting and improving your skills! And your fancy handwriting… I’d know it anywhere at this point- very distinctive! I also love that you had the kids make ATCs. It’s like Lettuce Craft in the “real world”.

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So many beautiful pieces!
I love seeing all the different styles, and I love how ATCs give us a chance to experiment with lots of different themes and media!

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