Atom Charm

Here’s the experiment to see how it’d look. Made with a few separated strands of #12 stranded copper wire.

(Edit: Forgot to mention, the reason for it is my grandson’s name is Atom, so…that’s why it’s an atom, heh).

Here it is after the pour in a tiny plastic cup, which I had glued onto a piece of the excess resin from the pour over for my son’s desk I made (Old desk remade and spruced up). Since the desk was for my son’s birthday, this necklace is for his girlfriends birthday, and I thought it’d be sweet if they were both tied together. So I really wanted to use something from the desk.

Also, the resin I used was what stuck to the walls of the canisters of the resin I used to make the desk. I let them sit upside down so they all drained to the top and used that for making this piece.

I know this picture isn’t the finished necklace, but I’m in a god awful amount of pain, and it was past her birthday by the time I finished with it, so I just gave it to her before taking any pictures.

Anyway, what you don’t see is I had some left over #12 solid copper wire and bent it around like a half moon and inserted it into a hole I drilled. Then I used some 3000 grit sandpaper to sand down where the channel locks had scratched it up a little when I squeezed the wire for the hoop/ring/whatever, heh, for the necklace to be strung through. The necklace is just a basic copper colored chain (I really wanted to use a leather cord, but I honestly just don’t know when I’ll get out of the house, so I just went with it when I came across it).

Anyhoo, that’s one of the very very veeery few things I’ve done recently, heh.


Pretty cool!

This came out awesome! I’m sure the finished product was well received. Atom is a cool name!

wow so creative!! I love anything atomic related and this is very unique and personal!

This is great! And cool how you tied the two projects together. I bet she loves it!

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That is super cool!

What a neat gift! I love the thought behind it!

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