Aussie damper cooked over an open fire

As part of the challenge chain, I planned to restore an old cast iron skillet and lid and make damper. Damper is a campfire bread from Australia. Very simple, 2cups self raising flour, pinch of salt and enough water to make a slightly sticky dough. It should not be kneaded, so it takes minutes to make.

The final attempt was delicious, itโ€™s eaten warm with butter and golden syrup. By the fire

The first attempt was less good, :scream:


And cooking the little damper

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What is better than outdoor cooking/baking!?

That is amazing. The bread, yes, but mostly the pan rescue! Yay, you!

It actually looked perfect when I had first seasoned it. Iโ€™d say it might need another go at seasoning.

Our next plan is to cook on it over the fire, use it as a frying pan.

The more you use cast, the better it gets! Take care cleaning it, thatโ€™s where most people go wrong.

This is awesome! AND educational!