Autumn Garland

I made this for @PrincessP in a personal swap. She lives in Australia where autumn starts in March. Luckily it only took a couple weeks to arrive!

It is very difficult to take a nice photo of a garland! Here all all the leaves before I assembled the garland:

It’s roughly 60” long with a little extra at either end for tying. I cut a 60” piece of yarn and did a mock-up on the guest room bed (center point marked with the scissors.

I struggled with the color combinations at first, but I was happy with the finished product. The rejected leaves have been repurposed as stuffing for repaired dog toys.

@PrincessP made me this fabulous sewing machine cover.


I remember you making all those leaves…know I know why! It looks great!

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Ooh, fun! While it doesn’t get the details, I do like the last picture of it hanging up.

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Beautiful! I love it strung up. :orange_heart:

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Thank you! I didn’t want to ruin the finished product until she had received it. I’m glad it arrived to her so quickly.

What a great combination of the desire to get cozy that comes with autumn and the images of leaves turning color and falling.

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I was also curious to see how the leaves were going to be used! What a lovely way to show off fall in all of those colors!

Lots of effort went into making this…all those leaves!

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Ooooh. So pretty. After draping my house in so much garland over Christmas, I miss it. Beautifully done and great colors.