Back Home Again in Zine-diana

(Bonus Hoosier points if you automatically read that in Jim Nabors’s voice.)

For the recent Zine swap, I made a little book about my lovely home state :blue_heart: :yellow_heart:.

I started with a piece of an old Indianapolis street map, which I painted with fluorescent blue and yellow and then hit with blue splatters. The graphic on the front cover came off some junk mail and had been bouncing around my stash for ages.

Thanks for looking!

For the uninitiated, Jim Nabors singing “Back Home Again in Indiana” at the Indy 500.


I just love your zine! The colors are so neon-bright, and I love the way they sometimes follow the contours of the map but mostly don’t. The fun facts about Indiana are also very entertaining. I definitely learned a few things!


I love your zine!! The map background is so perfect. Now I want to make a NJ-themed zine. :laughing:


This is so cool! I can feel the Hoosier pride from way over here. :grin:


Since I also have some roots to Indiana , I really loved the little facts and reminders about the state!

The Jim Nabors video was also a nice bonus.

Your zine is clever and fun…the map is really cool…


Thanks, everyone! I was really happy with the map base, although using something that already had a bunch of folds in it created an unnecessary hurdle.

As did I! I would’ve sworn (as I think would most Hoosiers) that “Back Home Again” was the state song. Excited to start some fights now :laughing:.

Do it!

You have a connection to Butler, right? I can confirm that’s not part of the base map, because it’s on the offcut I’m currently using as an underpaper.

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I went to Purdue in West Lafayette. My roommate was Evansville. I also lived in Indy for two years and my grandparents lived in Boswell.


I’d love to see it!

As a 90s kid from Europe, my first association with Indiana is Eerie, Indiana … but the first thing that comes to mind when I think of New Jersey is the Sopranos :laughing:

It would be a fun idea for a swap, a home country / state swap where everyone shares fun facts about the place they’re from.


I’m originally from Purdue country, more or less, so I can’t believe I forgot that :woman_facepalming:t2:.


That does sound like fun!


Haha, I admit the Sopranos are pretty Jersey! :laughing:

Definitely sounds like a fun swap!


What a cool zine! That cover piece from junk mail is perfection for this!

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It was! Although these kinds of moments totally enable my proclivity to keep allll the things just in case they might be useful.

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Same. Heck, YOUR moment enables MY proclivity!


:horse: :cowboy_hat_face: :cow2: YeeeeEEEHAWW! Your super great craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :horse: :cowboy_hat_face: :cow2:

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Dang my melt! That’s awesome.

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What a fun idea for a zine. Well done!

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I love this idea! And you pulled it off so brilliantly, too!

I love this notion of hometown zines in a swap. If we were to do this after the new year, I’d definitely be down!

Look what you started, @megwell!


That’s pretty cool!

Would you look what came today…