Backdrop Stand and Weights Storage Bags

Since we’ll be road tripping to TheMisterT’s coastal birthday celebration, I decided it would be nice to wrangle the backdrop stand and its weights into some sturdy storage bags.


Again, I used some of the yards and yards (and yards) of camo canvas I have in my stash, but inside out for a more neutral look. In order to help Future TheMistressT I wanted to label them and naturally I went to my Cricut and HTV stash. This will also help the poor, confused souls who organize my eventual estate sale! :wink:


I put together the labels in PhotoShop then uploaded them into Cricut Design space.

Luckily, I had some drawstrings and hardware in my stash, too!


The weights bag has a strap that runs under the bag for extra support. I also went with a French seam on the body of the bag for added sturdiness.


For this project, I was able to use pretty much every scrap of one panel of this fabric. WOO!


The never-ending canvas! Love seeing how you continue to use it up. Inside-out is brilliant!


Thank you! I do so wish I had thought about using it inside out on a few of the other projects I’ve used it on. Sigh.

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You’re so well-organized! The bags look great!


This is an excellent project, practical & sturdy. Great idea to use the fabric inside out, good choice with the french seams & strap going around the bottom. I see a buttonhole for the drawstring too!

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Man. I would have just slapped some seams together and called it a bag (who am I kidding, these would be all willy-nilly loose in the attic!), but you made proper storage bags! Excellent construction.


Awww, thanks everyone!

Clever, clever, clever- as usual! Excellent construction, smart to use the fabric inside out! I NEVER would have thought of that! The labeling is large and clear. Perfect.

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