Bear vs. Shark Party Backdrop/Decoration

We’re having a party to celebrate TheMisterT’s 50th on the coast next month. For his 40th we used a piece of art with a lumber jack boxing with a bear (see below for details), so this seemed like the perfect image for this milestone!

I used it to make a save-the-date and will use it for the final invitation, as well.


I used mostly watered down artists acrylics, some watered down craft paint on utility canvas from JoAnn. There are casings sewn into the top for hanging and the bottom for a PVC pipe to weight it and keep it from folding over.

Not a good pic, but you can kind of see the PVC stand it’s hanging on in this shot of the back with the sun behind it.

I am NOT an artist who draws or paints scenes or portraits or much of anything representational at all, so I used an opaque projector to trace with pencil.

Then I filled in the main things with black paint followed by referencing the digital image to paint in the rest.


I’ve never done a project quite like this before and am pretty tickled with how it came out! While the majority of the painting took longer than I expected, I wasn’t overwhelmed by it. I think I may do some other projector projects, but probably not so much replicating other people’s works on fabric.

Replicated from a piece of digital art by Michael Georgeson that I came upon during some online searching. I think via Flickr with the ability to download hi-res copies.

Here it is in situ:

Photographing this reminded me that I intended to make weights for the feet to diminish the chances of a breeze tipping it over. So I did!

But wait, there’s more! When I showed TheMisterT this project, he said, “where are we going to put this in the house?” and I was like, “uhhhhh, this isn’t going in our house.” We absolutely do not have an appropriate space style wise, but we also have almost no walls that it would fit on that are not already decorated. So I suggested this and he got on board. I did have to order a new flag standard and make a pole.



Oh this is hilarious & terrific!


What a cool way to do this! It looks great and your themed party just gets better and better!


That is amazing!


Wow. He is going to have one epic birthday!


Thanks so much, friends!

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So fun! It reminds me of those elementary school books called “Who Would Win?” by Jerry Pallotta. Sadly there is no Bear vs. Shark but it sounds epic.


I kind of like to think that they are actually happily cheering, but they look angry, because that’s just how their bear and shark faces are.

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Resting… bear face?



So amazingly awesomely extra.



@Magpie I think in the case of bears, the resting face is pretty sweet. It’s when they get “enthusiastic” that it looks b!tchy. :rofl:

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Wow! And I thought you were the party queen BEFORE you made this!! Amazing!!!

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Aw shucks! Thanks so much; you’re too sweet!

And now the Bear vs. Shark is here! I realized after getting them up there that they’re not fighting, they’re singing a duet! Islands in the Stream, obvs.

It’s been treated with a UV- and water-resistant spray. :crossed_fingers:


Your painting is great! That’s going to be one heck of a party!

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Hilarious! He really loved it I guess! :laughing:

I didn’t know water/UV spray was a thing!

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Thanks, friends!

@Abbeeroad I didn’t either! I searched around and found that Scotchguard makes a couple of different outdoor spray protectants.

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