Bag, case, pouch, ziplock upgrade, whatever you want to call them

This was the lining for a failed denim purse. Just sitting there, two zipper pockets already installed, so I made a little tote. It holds my TENS machine, extra pads, charger, and everything, which all used to reside in a ratty gallon zip bag.

Mini suitcase (about a foot wide), made from travel fabric
Inside, it holds all the electronic stuff we’re always looking for on trips: chargers, earbuds, cables, a multiplug, there’s even room for our wifi hotspot device, both our tablets, and and both phones.

I wanted padding to protect the tablets; a used plastic bubble mailing envelope on the dryer caught my eye…stiff enough to give the tote some shape, cushy enough to protect the electronics, free, and a pain to sew on.

I used to wonder about how much people love to make pouches and bags; now I get it!


What is the semi sheer fabric that you used to make the pockets to hold all the stuff? You can find everything and yet it is so bright and happy!

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It’s organza; I got a couple of yards of that rainbow at a thrift store, and have mostly used it for sunsets in embroidery pieces. I bought some white to use for pockets like this, but can’t ever find it, which means my projects are more fun!

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What an improvement over a ziploc bag! Now you’ve got me thinking about upgrading the ziploc bag that resides in my purse :thinking:. I also love your travel electronics solution. I’m glad you couldn’t find your white organza because you’re right, the rainbow is way more fun!

What’s a TENS machine?

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TENS sends electric current through your body. I use it for Restless Leg Syndrome, it’s good for pain, too.

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I looked up TENS machine before I read this. The tote you made is such a pretty holder for it. I also love that you used travel fabric for the travel bag. Well done and creative use of a item that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

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Great upgrades!

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my local Walmart (and maybe grocery stores) will take any flexible plastic–including bubble wrap and plastic bubble envelopes–for recycling. It may end up in a landfill after that, but it makes me feel better. I keep my plastics in a basket on the dryer; that’s why the envelope was there. :slight_smile:

In any case, I do LOVE using stuff that has outlived its expected usefulness. Refashioning clothing, sketching on old mail, incorporating discards into a project, tearing apart a project that didn’t work out and using the pieces in a new craft.
I got excited the other day when filling a presription; they let me opt for getting drug info online instead of printing out the same pages of stuff every time I refill.

And I used the same blue trim fabric on both projects because I made more strips than I needed for the first travel bag, and couldn’t let it go to waste.


Those are really cool! Great idea using the bubble wrap.

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So…this pouch making thing is really addictive.

I had half an hour and a cute scrap of fabric this morning, so I made another pouch.
But now I’ve run out of zippers! Yikes!

I haven’t bought a zipper at a fabric store in at least 20 years; I get them at thrift stores and garage sales, usually still in their original packaging. I never used to need many, so always had a selection on hand.
I guess I’ll have to hit some thrift stores!

Two more pouches this morning. Fortunately, they’re for items that will be easily contained with a drawstring.

Yes, they are addicting! lol Just be cautious when you use older zippers…I have found that some of the metal ones get corroded and if they are really old, the fabric part can also just crumble away. I have not had much of a problem but it happens! Can’t wait to see what you make.

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This is great, I love how you can see everything

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You have to check out sewingtimes channel on YouTube, she has a ton of patterns for pouches, purses etc etc etc

I can’t link to the list of her videos, but this is one, you’ll get to the main list from here DIY Shoulder Purse | 미니 숄더백 | How to make fabric bag with sewing machine [sewingtimes] - YouTube

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Ooh, what a great idea to use the organza like that, I love it!

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This is a nice zip bag.

It should hold your TENS machine, additional pads, charger, and other essentials.

I used to sew similar begs using my sewing machine, but now I exclusively sew clothes with my serger Found it here. Dresses, skirts, and shirts for my family and friends.

Now that I’ve seen what you’ve done, I’m inspired to return to casual sewing.

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