Basket from Wrapping Paper

I made a basket from a sheet of world map wrapping paper.

basket 1

I mean, I assume it’s wrapping paper. Aren’t the colors great?
Each sheet is 24" x 36".

basket 3

The instructions are here.

For my basket I cut sixteen 1" strips and folded in half the long way.
That made the base about 4" square.

basket 2

VERY IMPORTANT! When you do the criss-crosses at the center of each side (forming the corners) you must be consistent–either right-over-left or left-over-right on all four sides. Otherwise, where the sides come together you will suddenly have two “overs” or two “unders” next to each other. Yup, learned that the hard way.

I’m thinking that a little flat basket cut from holiday paper, filled with gold and silver bola, would be amazing… Yeah, I need to do that.

basket bola


That 's very nice. ready to put christmas bread in !

Thanks for sharing what the map looked like too. The colors are great. I never would have guessed it was a map! It looks cool!

Oooh, I love this! The colors are so vibrant! Thanks for sharing the instructions. I know @Lynx2Lancer was looking at weaving projects for her students; maybe she would be interested, too.


Ooh! This is so fun and so nicely done. I love the colors from the map!

So pretty and festive.

Fun! (and yay, instructions that aren’t a video… :heart_eyes:)

@thanate I haaaaaaate video instructions. Showing my age.

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Exactly. My child is obsessed w/ crafting videos and they drive me bananas. Just give me a couple pictures & some words I can look at and analyze at my own speed!