"Basket" of Flowers for Easter Sunday (Lenten Crown of Thorns transformation)

During Lent, our family used a “crown of thorns” as a reminder of self-sacrificial love. Each time we did a good deed, we took out a toothpick from the crown and put it in the middle.

For Easter Vigil/Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday, we turned the crown of thorns into a"basket" of flowers in celebration of the Ressurection.

I watched a few videos to learn how to make origami roses. The Lily I came up with on my own after looking at a photo of a lily, because all the tutorials I found seemed overly complicated.

Here’s a closer look at some of the flowers:

I was going to paint the white ones but I ran out of time. Perhaps for next year, or we may paint them as one of our activities for the Easter Season, which for us, lasts 50 days.

Here is the tutorial I used for the origami rose that just uses one piece of paper (mostly the orange ones). I think the narrator may be Brazilian. Did you know my hometown, Sao Paulo, has the largest Japanese diaspora in the world? So origami is popular there. Having said that, I never got into it, so this is pretty much my first attempt at anything a little more involved.

And here’s the tutorial I used for the roses that took more than one piece of paper and also needed glue (so not exactly traditional origami, but I figured I’d post them together, since they’re part of the same display).


What beautiful paper flowers! It’s a lovely display. Happy Easter!

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Lovely flowers and display!

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Beautiful! And I love that you encouraged your family to express selfless love in this way.

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Great tradition.

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I like the idea of having decor that’s an ongoing interactive thing-- nice transition, and agreed the origami lily patterns I’ve seen all seem blocky & kind of complicated. Your lily is nice.

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This is such a beautiful tradition!

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Thank you so much for the kind words, everyone!

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