Bat Wing Shawl

I made this bat wing shawl for Robin in the 12 Days of Christmas swap for day 12. The pattern is from Fiber & Fox and I used a lace weight mohair/wool blend in charcoal.

I don’t usually do projects with this open a weave, so that was pretty cool. I was surprised (as I always am) at how warm something can be when it’s mostly made of holes!

Robin took a much nicer picture than I did, so here’s hers:


I bet the tassels help keep the shawl in place.

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I think that’s the idea. It’s a little theoretical for me as I don’t wear shawls, but I liked the tassels. They were so soft and yummy.

The warmth is in the holes, somehow. Nice shawl!

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So impressive! Love the tassel details.

Gorgeous! I love it.


beautiful work!

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What a gorgeous piece. It looks so cozy!

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Gorgeous! The shspe, texture, & colour are all fantastic.

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