Bathroom Trash Can Lid

Bless their adorable little hearts, but dogs are also kind of gross. For years we’ve set a bathroom scale on top of this trash can to keep it from being a dog smorgasbord. I’ve gotten a few more great woodworking tools recently and decided it was finally time to make a lid.

Could I have just bought a lidded trash can? Sure. But this one is just right for the 1970s retro decor we have in that bathroom in order to embrace rather than fight the 1970s fixtures until we’re able to remodel.

I made a little lip-thingy to keep it from falling off and cut a 15 degree angle around the top to make it look a tiny bit more finished. If I could’ve found some split bamboo to trim out the top at a cheap price and not in very large quantities I would have liked to trim out the top that way, but it was nice to use only stashed materials for this.


I had this little cast metal pine cone knob in my stash as well.

Luckily, it doesn’t need a latch or anything, because while Delia is a gross trash eater, she’s not a blatant rule breaker or wily sneak.


This is impressive work, and I love that you made something pretty and practical that matches its surroundings :heart:

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As soon as I saw that toilet paper holder, I immediately thought 1970’s bathroom vibe, lol. Seriously though, keeping the decor 70’s style is a smart way to make everything work together! Your lid complements the trash can nicely and I love the addition of the little pine cone.

Bahahahaaaa! Thanks! Yeah, the TP holder was a gift and not entirely off base for me, but… this is the only bathroom it would work in based on it’s size and fragility (I am pretty sure it’s 3D printed). It’s the back up TP holder since it could get bonked by the shower door if it replaced the existing one AND it won’t hold the MEGA roll. :rofl:


It looks like it was original! Love the pine cone.

This Works with a capital W! Looks 100% like it belongs there.

I agree with Camelama - it fits perfectly and looks like it was always meant to be there!

Thank so much, y’all! So far it’s working as expected.

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This looks great! I especially love that little pine cone knob. It’s so much fun to see the woodworking that you’ve been doing. :slight_smile:

My Hazel dog is such a good dog, but trash is her weakness. She learned how to step on the pedal and open the kitchen trash. We put something heavy on the lid and she just knocked it over. We put 20 pound weights at the bottom and something on top and it didn’t deter my little 35 pound sweetheart from knocking it over and eating garbage. You’re lucky a lid is all that you need! Maybe Delia could teach Hazel a lesson or two.

Aw, thanks!

Hazel, dear. When you have the urge to eat garbage and make a mess, take a moment to think WWDD - What Would Delia Do? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Bless their gross little dog hearts, though, right? Not to shame my sweet baby, but at least Hazel is going after the kitchen trash, not the bathroom trash. :face_vomiting: Delia’s last remaining household vice is raiding tissue boxes. I had to remove the one on the living room end table, because she would get wily about it and wait until the wee hours of the morning while we were asleep upstairs to eat tissues. At least they were clean!

Orca & Oyster steal paper from the recycling bin. I am thankful they only want clean paper, nothing from the trash! But I do have to remember to separate my recycling in the house so that they don’t have access to jars & cans etc.

I had a dream last night that you came to my house & changed all my doorknobs to pinecones, and my landlord caught you & punished you by making you walk my neighbor’s dogs. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Mischievous cats! I had to keep a very tight control on where rubber bands were kept when I had my Pearly girl.

Bahahahaaaaa! Your landlord is a chump! I did the whole thing just to get to walk those dogs. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

But seriously, a freshy fallen, open pine cone would be a deterrent to anyone you didn’t want to enter (or exit, I suppose) via standard door use! Those things are spiny! At least our prevalent species.

Hahah! That’s amazing. It’s crazy what our subconsious will try to make us dream up when we’re asleep.

So smart & it turned out good lookin’ too.

Thanks so much, everyone!