Batty Bat Pillbox Hat

Last week I worked on this bat wing pillbox hat. It has a black woven material on the base with threads of multicolored sparkle running through it, and the same vintage velvet that I used on the ho-ou fascinator on the contrasting band.

I made this hat for my bff Allison who is a little gothy and has a personal mascot with bat-like wings. We have been planning a trip to Japan that keeps getting pushed back, and I wanted to make us fancy hats for when we finally do get there.

We want to go in the spring and have a photo shoot with the cherry blossoms while wearing kimono. :smiley: I really like the idea of having a travel photographer for a little bit, because husband hates having to take photos and it seems to make it more tolerable if we get a lot of photos at one time then spend the rest of the vacation not really thinking about photos.

I made this hat during my stream, but I’ll post a photo tutorial at some point based on photos I took for the first pillbox hat I made (water lily with dragonfly). :3 I’m going to start a new fascinator with a wave and koi fish theme today - appledainty on Twitch if you’re interested.


This is the best!

Super cute HAT! I finally got to see the cherry blossoms in person last year. it is AMAZING.

Cute! Great for a goth or Halloween party!

I like the mix of hard and soft. And one can never go wrong with bats!

Very cool! :black_heart: