Beach Bucket, in Hat Form

I made my oldest grand daughter this hat with plans to make a matching one for myself.

I did make one but it was massive so I pulled most if it apart, left out some rounds and finished again. This time I didn’t like the look so grabbed what was left of the ball and started a different pattern. Part way through I knew it wasn’t working so pulled out a few rounds and just winged the rest. I ended up using half the yarn from the first hat to finish. I should mention, the majority of this took place from Saturday morning to Sunday evening.

The final bucket

It looks best on me with the front folded up, plus I can see better.

We plan to see our grand daughter next weekend and I’m excited to show her my hat.


How awesome!! It looks great on you. I’m sure your granddaughter will be tickled over your matching hats. :slight_smile:


I love the idea of matching hats! So sweet. Yours looks fantastic!

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Very cute! And your project sounds like it went the way most of mine do: try something, rip it out, try something else, rip it out…


I’m sure your grandddaughter will think it’s so cool to have the same hat as you! I distinctly remember having the same straw bag as my grandma.

@endymion that’s also how all my sewing projects go!! I rip out all the seams all the time, I never get anything finished!


you forgot to add … over and over and over :rofl:


Such a cute hat!

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