BeaG's Happy New Year card

This year’s Happy New Year card:

I made the background of this card in Excel and saved it as a .jpg.

I then scanned actual keyboard keys (I’ve got a big collection of computer parts for crafting), the entire alphabet. Then I cut the document into individual files for each letter.
I edited them in Photoshop (adjusted brightness and colors, whitened background, removed shadows, added artificial (identical) shadows, made the background see through and saved the files in .png format).

I then dragged and dropped the individual letters onto the background and saved the finished design as a .jpg.

(I saved a PSD file with the individual .png files, so that I can use the keys over and over again, for cards or other art.
But I don’t have Photoshop on my new PC, an iMac, and my old Windows PC died, so I first have to learn how to do this in Affinity.)

I had the cards printed by a third party.

I hope you like it!


Colorful and fun!! Love that you scanned actual keys. So cool.


Very fun! So cool that you created your own “font” to reuse. I hope you can find a way to use them w/o having to do all the work again. Does Adobe not make Photoshop for Apple anymore?


This is so cool, original, and creative, and I loved learning about the process. Thank you for sharing!!

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I’m glad that I am the lucky recipient of one!

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What a fabulous idea! Your keyboard font is so cool. And the perfect background, too. The black keys really pop off that page. Awesome!

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Thanks everyone!
I’m glad you like it.

@TheMistressT, yes, Adobe still makes (subscription) Photoshop for Apple.
I bought Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher (no subscriptions, just a one time purchase) though to use on my new PC, but hoped to buy myself some more time to get familiar with them by still using (my very old version CS2 of) Photoshop on my old Windows PC. Two weeks after I moved that PC away from my main desk, it died. So it turns out I bought my first iMac just in time.
I want to eventually make a book, or even multiple books, in Affinity.
That is why I want to learn to use it.
Today I figured out how to make cards like this, with my keyboard keys files, in Affinity. Yay!
(Marc is making a book in Affinity and he is lyric about it and always has been lyric about his iMac, so that’s how I decided on my new hard- and software.)


This is such a cool card! Using the keys was genius!

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Thanks, @Bunny1kenobi !

You have such clever designs! I love your card!

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Thank you for the card! It’s on display with this year’s December mail :slight_smile:

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Thanks, @AIMR and @Magpie !