Bee Golden

For the Use What You Have Swap I created a bunch of different art pieces featuring bees. Because it was use what you have, I wanted to challenge myself and try one of the stash items I’d never used. Enter my stack of thin metal sheets.

At first I was going to engrave it but quickly decided to try embossing instead. I adore the result! Scroll down for process pics.

I created an art deco inspired design in canva and printed it, then taped it in place and began embossing.

I used a number of different stylus sizes, beginning with the smallest for an initial trace and then deepening the details with some of the larger sizes.

You can see a washcloth in the first pic. I began embossing with that as a base below the metal, but it had too much give. I switched to some craft foam as a base and that worked a thousand times betrer.

Once I had the initial design fairly well in place I lightly traced the edges on the front side to further define things.

To prevent the embossed design from being crushed, I filled the back with modeling paste.

At this point I should have been done…but I decided the metal was too monotone and needed something. At first I rubbed black arcylic paint over the design and buffed most of it away, but it still needed something more. You can see in the picture where I tested sanding, various alcohol markers, and embossing patterns for the background. I liked the alcohol marker best and used it in blobby patches to add more visual interest.

After all that, I mounted the metal onto some black chipboard and really, really called it done.


That’s Bee-utifully done! It’s inspiring how many different mediums you dabble in :blush:

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It’s truly stunning! Thank you so much!

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@manders - thank you! Dabbling is my super power :rofl:.

@tendstowardschaos - you’re welcome! I’m glad you like it.


This is beautiful!!


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This is so striking!

@Bunny1kenobi & @TheMistressT - thank you!

Wow! Amazing work. The alcohol marker effect is really striking!

So cool! I love the design and that you filled it, so you don’t have to worry about crushing it.

:tada: Congrats! This fantastic project is featured this week! :tada:


Eeeee! Thank you! Such a great mix of projects this week!

This is extremely gorgeous

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Thank you!

This is amazing!
And it’s great to read all about the process.

That’s awesome!

And I just envisioned a library full of covers embossed in this style.

I love everything about this.

@madebyBeaG & @Magpie - thank you!

@sloth003 - thank you! Now I want a library of gold embossed covers too. :joy:

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Gorgeous! I love how the background looks aged!

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Thank you!