Bee Versatile

For the Use What You Have Swap my partner @tendstowardschaos had bees listed as one of her themes. I love bees in art (though prefer to keep my distance IRL) but what medium should I use? I could use my new alcohol markers, or my favorite watercolors, do something with a mosaic, play with acrylic, dip into my fabric stash, break out the polymer clay. My brain broke a little. But then I realized I didn’t have to choose one. I could make a bunch of bees…they aren’t solitary bugs after all.

In the end I created 5 bees and if I’d had more space in the box I probably would have created more!

I started with this alcohol marker ATC (left). Then created a watercolor counterpart.

I had some thin metal sheets in my stash and decided to try an embossed design (this one will has its own post). It quickly became my favorite and I definitely want to explore the technique more. I adore how it came out.

An acrylic bee on a 4x4 magnet base followed.

I knew I wanted to do a papercut bee but decided what this project REALLY needed was a hive to hold my bevy of bees. I found a fun box pattern and cut that with my Silhouette Cameo, adding another bee on the outside to round out the collection.

I had a lot of fun playing with the different mediums and trying some new things.



What an awesome hive of art!


That is very cool, what a neat idea.


They are all so unique and beautiful! They are almost all getting framed to go on my gallery wall. I am going to get a little shelf for the gallery to hold what can’t be framed. I just adore bees and am so happy to see them every spring and summer. Now I get to see them every day!

Two of the bees look like they’re checking out apple and crabapple blossoms - which are two of the flowering trees in my yard. :heart:


Such a thoughtful collection!

These are masterfully done!


This collection is the bee’s knees!


@steiconi, @magpie, @Bunny1kenobi, @TheMistressT - thank you!

@tendstowardschaos - I love happy coincidences! The fact some of the flowers match your yard is awesome. The little 4x4 acrylic bee is a magnet in case I forgot to mention. I’ve never tried framing the ATCs I recieve but now I kind of want to!


Such beautiful bee art! I love that you made a hive box for them to live in.

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I love your whole collection! Though the metal one is my favorite.

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I love seeing your artwork in all different mediums! Each is amazing in its own right. Very cool package!

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